Mixed reactions after MyLasell updated

Mackenzie Dineen, Skylar Diamond, Ruth Kehinde & Chris Bretti – Features Editor & 1851 Staff 

MyLasell has recently gone through a dramatic facelift from the familiar yellow set up to the new clear-cut blue one.

However, this change has become everything but clear-cut. We find it even harder to navigate because the once easily accessible links that were on the far right hand side are now buried in drop down tabs. Students are forced to dig in order to find out what events are happening on campus because they have been pushed down to the lower half of the page when they used to be in the center.

The quicklinks section is more accessible for students on the go, which we appreciate, however, the announcements on the homepage have not been updated much since the site itself was. The simple layout consisting of quicklinks and tabs is certainly superior to the old cluttered homepage, but would a visually pleasing design and color really have broken the bank? Transitioning between these websites are much like stepping from a jumbled china shop into a bare modern art gallery- disorienting rather than relieving.

This change occurred without students or staff being made aware so that added more confusion into the mix. There must have been higher priorities for the school than altering the website.

Having used the new website reconstruction for a few weeks, we can now say that we’re used to it. It was weird during the first week of use, but the new user interface feels more modernized, and easier to navigate. Additionally, it is great to see the “announcements” board enlarged as it is one of the most significant pieces of the MyLasell page.

Now that we’ve been using the new look of MyLasell for the last month and a half, it is starting to grow on us. We suggest for next time, Lasell should send students a survey asking what they would want it to look like instead of just jumping into a new way to present the system.




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