Chelsea Gwyther juggles new responsibilities

Rosa Del Carmen Gomez  —  1851 Staff

On Dec. 10, 2018, Lasell hired Chelsea Gwyther to be the next candidate for Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations.

Gwyther earned her bachelor’s degree from Prescott College in Arizona and her master’s at the University of North Carolina. Gwyther has two children, a 16 and 20-year- old. Her husband is a firefighter in Amherst, Mass.

“I have a great family. I met my husband at my college orientation,” Gwyther said.

Walking into a collegiate Vice President’s office can be intimidating at first, but Gwyther’s personality is nothing but warm and relaxing. On her desk sits juggling balls, sand putty and various other fidgets. Two months into her new role, she is still on the hunt for new collectibles for her office in Irwin House.

She spent the first two months in her position learning about the institution and planning how to effectively engage with students and alumni. One of Gwyther’s main responsibilities is to work with alumni and connect them with current students. During her time at Lasell, she hopes to connect with students who are pursuing an educational experience that they wouldn’t have received, if not for the support they’ve received.

“To me there’s nothing better than to hear all of the great things that they’re d ing and all of the amazing things that they’re learning but then how they’re contributing to the world is incredibly inspiring to me,” she said.

Gwyther moved locations several times growing up. She moved to Michigan at the age of four then to California when she was 17. Gwyther found her home in Massachusetts, living here for the past thirteen years. “What all the different places has allowed me to do is have a deep appreciation and understanding for a lot of different areas but then also … to have a conversation with someone in Oklahoma and North Carolina is different than in Santa Barbara or in Massachusetts and so it’s giving me lots of points to connect with people across the country.”

Her mother’s graduation inspired her to pursue education from a young age. “My mom was the first in my family to go to college and she had me young, so I very clearly remember her graduation from college, Gwyther said. “Just seeing her work and the impact that had on her personally and she eventually ended up getting her doctorate and so it is a powerful thing to be a part of.”

Demonstrating her secret juggling talent, she connected it to her current position at Lasell. Gwyther said, “Once you learn, it is kind of like riding a bicycle. I got bored one summer when I was a teenager, so I decided I was just going to teach myself how to juggle. It gets your brain refocused. I think it’s a great metaphor for my job,” she said.

“There’s lots of things to keep in the air and stay focused on and they are all important, it’s about understanding how to keep the things moving and not get focused on one thing. If you get focused on one of the balls then it all kind of falls apart,” said Gwyther.

*Photo courtesy of Rosa Del Carmen Gomez. Gwyther juggles Hacky Sacks in her office.


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