Does game attendance affect athletics?

Casey DiBari & Virginia Bry – Opinion Editor & Virginia Bry

Lasell fans support men’s basketball play Dean College from the balcony above. Photo by Megan Palumbo.

Despite being a school heavily involved with sports, there seems to be an issue that plagues the school’s athletics: the attendance rate of students at home games.

While Lasers have a number of loyal fans who come to almost every game, they do not seem to bring in the bigger crowds one might expect. This brings the question on how much attendance impacts our athletes during their games.

“I think it makes a good atmosphere,” said Athletic Director Kristy Walters. “I think it’s good for the home team to have crowd support and to have the fans and to have people in the stands…I don’t think it’s the end all or be all, I think it’s important to have a crowd there…and feel like there’s somebody behind you.”


Of course, there are loyal fans who come to most games for various reasons. “I come all the time,” said sophomore Tehjia Kerr. She mentioned her favorite thing about attending games is the experience of watching college basketball in person.

Junior Megan Borowski is also a regular attendee of games. “I come to every men’s basketball game,” she said, also adding, “I go to soccer games and lacrosse games.” Borowski enjoys when other fans are there with her, because it adds to the experience of the game.

Why is it that some students seem to struggle with coming to these games? Junior Rylie Smith blames her busy schedule on why she doesn’t go to games, saying, “I just don’t have the time to go.”

Junior Amelia Bickford echoes this statement, adding that for her, it’s the time of the games. “If you’re in a club or have a late-night class, you can’t attend a game.”

When asked what would make it easier to attend games, sophomores Jared Giurleo and Kathleen McHale both said if there were more weekend home games, they would be able to attend.

While the students who are not able to come do want to support the students, the issue of schedules seem to be the biggest reason why they do not, along with a how much advertisement there is of the games and who they are playing against. Hopefully, with this new information will help shed light on the attendance problem on campus.

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