Lights, camera, action: on-air in new TV studio

Colin Froment & Marissa GugalaCo-Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

The construction of the college’s brand-new television studio is coming to an end. Located underneath Winslow Academic Center, it aims to enable the community to film and edit video production projects in an easier fashion.

Video production classes and films by the Lasell College Television Club (LCTV) have al- ways been con ned to the multimedia (GREG) lab. While the updated computers and built-in blue screen are convenient, students had to set up the video, audio and lighting equipment themselves, and the small floor space often restricted projects to single-camera production.

Three 4k cameras, a control room loaded with video editing software, a teleprompter, and built-in overhead lights are just a few of the resources available that will make video projects easier to complete.

The studio will be beneficial for all students to use once it becomes fully open to the public. “It’s up to the person’s imagination,” said Associate Professor of Communications and General Manager of Lasell College Radio Dr. Brian Wardyga.

Wardyga designed the entire plan for the studio and has been pushing for one since starting at Lasell in 2004. The project was sidelined for a number of years, due to the expansion of the Communications department and the construction of the radio station and the GREG Lab. Once the Brennan Library finished their renovations, it was decided that the extra available space would be transformed into a studio.

Originally set to open for production classes at the start of this semester, the studio’s construction was impeded by a number of complications. According to Wardyga, problems included the walls being painted a “mint green” rather than a “charcoal grey,” missing electric components that required extra trips from the electrician and a temperamental heating system on studio lighting. The studio is still not completely finished, with updates to desk space and camera lenses to be completed once the next budget arrives this June or July.

Senior communications major and President of LCTV Tom Baker has high hopes for the new studio. They have yet to use the new studio to record content, but Baker has seen what is available to them. The club is making do in the meantime with Panasonic and Sony cameras, Magnus tripods, lavalier microphones among other equipment.

Wardyga hopes to eventually offer the ability to livestream projects, soundproof the walls, add a fourth camera mounted on the wall for overhead shots, and include set pieces. Wardgya also wants to add “little tweaks” in the control room including a countdown clock.

Baker would love for the new TV studio to have “…easier editing for live filming so we can hop from camera to camera and do multi-camera shoots.” He believes that having access to the studio will allow LCTV to create and produce content more efficiently. “Just looking at the members in our club, they seem much more excited now. They were excited before but now everyone wants to pitch in all these ideas and we can really come together as a group, have editors, writers, and directors… which is a smooth transaction.”

LCTV plans to use the studio to broadcast news stories and possibly produce some satirical work. “The dream is to get a show once a week and have people who feel like they have no skill being the talent, taking on any roll they feel comfortable with, ” Baker said.

Wardgya is in the process of developing an instructional handbook that will be given to LCTV on how to properly run the studio. LCTV, Dr. Wardyga and other production students will train those not in production classes extensively before being allowed to use the studio. Anyone using the studio will be assigned four roles in the control room: teleprompter operator, technical director, the associate director, and the audio operator. Each will be trained in every role in order to get the most experience possible.

As of now, the studio can only be used by Wardgya’s classes, but he hopes to open the studio to the public after spring break.


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