Senior collections: Sew close to the end

Danielle Hogan & Pavel Zlatin – Arts Editor & 1851 Staff

Twenty-three fashion design seniors presented their first three completed garments of their final collection on Jan. 25, 2019 in de Witt Hall.

Designers were not permitted to attend as their peers and professors come in through the day to examine the work. The feedback portion is reserved to the industry professionals, who look at the collections and write their suggestions that are later given to designers. According to the Program Director of Fashion Lynn Blake, senior review has been an integral part of the creative process for nearly 15 years. This is the sixth year Blake is hosting this event.

Each senior has developed original concepts and designs that have impressed the community. The presentation was in- credibly professional for each designer; resumes and business cards were appropriately designed and styled to appeal to each collection. For example, some tables had gems or sparkles delicately spread across the table or floor.

Lookbook portfolios were also featured on the table, with work from freshman year to present day. Eight garments will appear in the final collection, which are constructed in senior Fashion Design Studio as a year-long course.

Fashion Professor Jill Carey said, “I thought it was outstanding and I felt that the professionalism that was established by each component was at an extremely high level.” One of the most intriguing parts of senior review for professor Carey is the overall presentation of the collection; being able to compare the garments to the collection storyboards is a different experience altogether.

Carey was also enthralled by the contemporary elements of the collections. Some of the collections took a focus or unique spin on sustainability, which is a huge up-and coming market in the fashion industry. There has been a lot of Middle-Eastern, ethnic and hi- tech motives in the collections as well.

“This is the last chance for seniors to get feedback on their collections,” said Blake. “If they are really off track, they have an opportunity to catch up and fix things.”

Marianna Lenskiy, the designer behind “Cymatix,” said that her collection was inspired by cymatics, the science of the power of sound and “the universal nature of things around us.”

“My aesthetics revolve around people with [a] free and clear mind and spirit,” said Lenskiy.

According to Lenskiy, the feedback she’d gotten was incredibly helpful in terms of her future development as a designer. “I am grateful for all the positive comments. They were truly inspiring,” said Lenskiy. “The suggestions were really helpful.”

Carey said, “Overall the construction in general was the best that I’ve seen ever… Really starting that developmental process as freshman and building upon those skills was really evident in this senior cohort.”


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