“The Prodigy” doesn’t take full possession

John MacLean – 1851 Staff



Every parent dreams of having a child prodigy in the house. But what happens when a child may be so smart to the point where they are considered dangerous?

“The Prodigy” premiered in theaters Friday, Feb. 8. The film follows the life of a young child named Miles (Jackson Robert Scott) who, from birth, is a special child. Chronologically, we see his parents, John (Peter Mooney) and Sarah (Taylor Schilling), are very concerned because their son seems to be developing at an alarming rate. While every other child starts developing speech from anywhere between 18 and 24 months, Miles is basically producing speech as a newborn saying phrases like “mama.”

There were a few of things that this mov- ie did really well. First, this film is not just an- other demon possession film. It brings a new twist to horror and offers a whole new sense of reality. The movie gives viewers a heightened sense of tension while watching the film progress. It does contain graphic scenes that may be difficult for some to watch, however that just means the film is succeeding in setting the tone for what is to come.


The cinematography in this film is excellent. When it comes to character development, I was deeply invested in the family and characters; the actors did a superb job in this regard. Seeing how the family was slowly being torn apart due to Miles’s actions, John and Sarah’s relationship gave the people in theaters captivated.

In the last 20 minutes, on the brink of the film’s climax, it falls short. The final show- down leaves the viewers scratching their heads and not in a good way. As if that was not bad enough, the film’s resolution is just as disappointing and appears to be setting itself up for a sequel.

Overall, this film offers an original fresh take on the old horror tropes of demon possession. However, with a unsatisfactory third act and a poor attempt to sequel bait, “The Prodigy” is a film worth watching but only on streaming platforms as going to the movies and spending $14 on a ticket is just a little too much.

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