“The WIZRD” casts a repetitive spell

By Zach Houle – 1851 Staff 

Nowadays, rapper and auto-crooner Future isn’t what he once was. Autotune is saturated all across hip hop. He isn’t a commodity anymore although he is a big name. Future released his most recent album on Jan. 18 called “Wrld on Drugs,” which was a collaboration with Juice Wrld and had plenty of catchy hooks and melodic chemistry between the two artists. Unfortunately, it was heavy with auto-tune. “The WIZRD” is much more lengthy and drawn out.

Twenty tracks are featured in the album, which seemed excessive. Production wise, they could have cut the track number in half. Throughout most of the songs, there was a similar copy and paste formula; almost every beat sounded the same. One positive for the work is how Future wanted to make an eerie impression, as he did just that in the song “Krazy But True.” The waning of the vocals in the background made for an uneasy effect.

The features for this album were presented with exciting names like Travis Scott, Young Thug and Gunna. All Young Thug did was provide back- ground echoes for the track “Unicorn Purp.” It would have been smarter to give actual verses to Thug rather than squeeze in Gunna at the end of the track. The Travis Scott feature was underwhelming because of the pace of the song.

Overall, “The WIZRD” was just a repeat of the same beat and ideas for half of the album. A logical possibility for having 20 songs was to get stream- ing numbers up, considering it’s his last album of his current deal with his record label. The only highlights were “Krazy But True” and the single “Crushed Up,” where Future exes about his jewelry collection. This is easily one of Future’s most forgettable albums in his catalogue to date.

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