HerCampus’ Valentine’s Day Delivery

Anna Wall- 1851 Staff

The members of HerCampus served some tasty treats to the Lasell College community on February 14, 2019. Eight members gathered in the Hoag dormitory kitchen and created three types of treats, Oreo wands, grilled cheese and marshmallow pops. Their goal was to make enough money to buy shirts, and their end result allowed them to do even more.

The group needed to raise $100. HerCampus spent three days tabling outside Valentine Dining Hall, taking pre-orders for the event. They accepted both cash and Venmo, which helped the fundraising immensely. The first day’s sales were not as high as they expected, but when news of the event spread to the parent’s pages of Facebook the day of the event, order growth grew more rapidly than they could imagine.

Parents had ordered so many treats to send to their children that members of the club were forced to go back to the grocery store and buy more ingredients. Members said that this was overwhelming but that it brought in the funds that made the fundraiser so successful. Parents also left messages for the club, saying they loved the idea and thought it was a great gift to send to their kids.

HerCampus Lasell President Elizabeth Chapman said, “The event was very successful. We were able to make over our goal, with an end result of $120. This will allow us to not only purchase shirts but sweatshirts as well. The parents who purchased were a huge factor in that, as well as the student body on campus. The club worked very hard, and all of that hard work paid off and made this fundraiser so successful.”

The treats were delivered to students starting at 8:00 p.m. Members of the club went to each building with the bags of treats to bring to each student.

Freshman Erin Correia had purchased treats and was very pleased with the results. “I was very happy with the treats I received,” she said. “They were very tasty and the delivery process was very easy. The girls alerted me that they were at my building, and when I opened the door, I was handed my treats. I would definitely take part in this fundraiser again.”

HerCampus Lasell has not determined if they will run this fundraiser again next year, but members said the work they put into it really paid off.

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