Health Center: what’s up, Doc?

By Holly Feola & John Maclean – 1851 Staff

Recently, some students have questioned the timeliness and thoroughness of health professionals in the Health Services office.

I think Health Services should open 10 minutes before their official hours to prevent patient waiting. Once, I arrived at Health Services at 8:20 a.m. No lights were on and there was no one there, despite center’s 8:30 to 4:30 hours. At 8:30 a man unlocked the door. Then, I waited five minutes for a nurse to check me. By opening a few minutes ear- lier, I would’ve been able to have my appointment when scheduled, rather than five minutes later.

Before the nurse examined me, I told her my symptoms: fatigue, pressure in my head, sore throat, and congestion. When she examined my throat to see if I had strep throat, she did not examine it as extensively as my primary doctor usually would have.

According to the Lasell website, “Lasell College Health Services is committed to providing high quality healthcare and health promotion to improve undergraduate students’ overall health.” However, some students feel as though the health center does not always meet the expectations of care they claim to hold.

One student who allegedly encountered this problem thought that the Health Center could have done more. The student seeking treatment was injured while playing a club sport and had no access to the athletic trainers. Athletic trainers are primarily available to varsity sports athletes. The only service available for this student was the health center. The student went in for the visit and only received a minor injury diagnosis and handed ibuprofen for what was later diagnosed as a left chest wall contusion.

Students admit that in general they get good care at the Health Center. They just wish the nurses would administer a more thorough examination so students feel comfortable with the diagnosis. The practitioner I saw was very good at explaining my symptoms and answering my questions. She overall seemed very knowledgeable and thorough in her explanation.

However, when one considers all the facts, nurse practitioners should be there earlier to keep appointments timely. Another fix could be making sure that they are more in-depth with examinations. By absolving the students’ concerns of timeliness and thoroughness in the health center, students’ satisfaction in the services they offer will increase.

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