“The best decision I’ve ever made” : ASB student tributes

Students who participated in Alternative Spring Break share their personal stories – including why they decided to go and how the service-learning trip impacted them. 

What was your experience like?

My experience as a leader for ASB was extremely rewarding. The process of putting the experience together is a years worth of work – starting over the summer. When seeing everything come together and go so well, it’s just so gratifying. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of Alternative Spring Break since I was a freshman. Service work has given so much to me in terms of growth throughout my time at Lasell. This prompted me to want to give back. Serving people over spring break welcomes someone into a community, which helps establish truth in what’s really going on in that area. We were able to meet the needs of the community by being a part of the rebuilding efforts in Houston.

-Kevin Joyce   Class of 2019   Sport Management

What was your experience like?

Going into ASB I expected to meet new people from both the Lasell community and the community we served. However, I did not know how much ASB would impact my life. This experience was completely eye-opening. I learned many things – from the difference between helping and serving to becoming educated on organizations that have volunteered to rebuild what Hurricane Harvey destroyed 18 months ago.

What surprised me the most were the connections and friendships I made through this experience. The positivity, love and beautiful souls inspired me to come out of my shell and allowed me to be my honest self. Reflection is a vital piece of ASB and at times is very difficult. With the support and the way my peers listened, I felt safe when sharing hard responses. ASB was an absolute amazing experience and I without a doubt encourage other Lasell students to apply, ask questions and prepare for a life changing experience!

Why did you choose to devote your spring break to helping others instead of taking time for yourself?

I decided to apply to ASB because I knew that staying home wouldn’t be beneficial or productive for me. When I heard I had the opportunity to get away and serve others, I knew it was exactly how I wanted to spend my break. I would be productive, helpful and would learn through this experience and community involvement. There is no better way to spend a spring break than working hard to put smiles on other’s faces.

-Isabella Raffone   Class of 2021   Sport Management

What was your experience like?

Participating in ASB was certainly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made during my time at Lasell. My only regret is that I waited until my senior year to apply for a trip! The bonds you create with the students on the trip are unparalleled and were, to me, completely unexpected. My biggest fear upon returning to Lasell after our service trip to Houston was that all of those amazing friendships would just dissolve or fall to the wayside once we all returned back to our normal, every day routines. However, everyone on the trip has made such conscious efforts to continue reaching out to one another and making plans to hang out even now, several weeks post-ASB. It’s amazing. I feel so lucky to share such love and friendship with these people, some of whom I did not even know before the trip. I would not have wanted to spend my final spring break in any other way.

-Allie Talarico   Class of 2019   Psychology Major

What was your experience like?

My experience was, honestly, magical. Serving this community affected by such a tragedy with people who were as positive, motivated, and hardworking as I was made the experience so worthwhile and life-changing. I really connected to my group not only through the service but through reflections in the evenings as well.

-Danielle Hogan   Class of 2019


Photo by Ruth Kehinde – 1851 Staff 

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