Afro Flow Yoga stretches the soul

By Ruth Kehinde1851 Staff

A group of community members pose with Jeff and Leslie Jones (center) at Afro Flow. Photo courtesy of Emmanuella Jean-Louis

On Feb. 27, students were introduced to multiple invigorating African Diaspora dance movements in de Witt Hall by Afro Flow Yoga.

This workshop uses African culture to teach participants customs and the inner workings of connection with the human world and oneself. The goal that Leslie Salmon Jones and Jeff W. Jones had while creating this organization was to build a sense of community and unite others.

“I never experienced anything like it before. I had so much fun, especially with the instructors and drum music because they had me moving parts of my body that I never moved before,” said an anonymous student.

To open and close the yoga workshop sessions, Leslie and Jeff have participants stretch their upper body while sitting in a sukhasana pose. Each movement is synchronized by Afro Flow’s unique live beating drums and traditional vocal African music, played lightly in the background by Jeff. The added bonus of music gives the class a sense of rhythm and being loose with themselves.

The class continues with Leslie directing, but also performing and adjusting the movements with the rest of the class. Movements vary from stretches to fun dance choreography. The strengthening exercises focused on stretching and breathing out loud to relax the body.

This organization offers a great opportunity for individuals to try something new. Bringing these various organizations on campus transforms students’ curiosity into learning. Afro Flow allows participants to branch out and expand their horizons to learn the aspects of a culture that may not necessarily correlate with their own.


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