Brainstorming for Lasell’s future

By Holly Feola & Chris Bretti – 1851 Chronicle Staff

Lasell held their monthly town hall meeting on March 21 to discuss goals for the next fifteen months as a part of the Vision 2022 Strategic Plan. As a partial continuation from last month’s meeting, President Alexander focused on short-term projects that benefit various parts of the campus, students, staff, and faculty.

The President kicked off the meeting explaining long-term goals planned for the college and how the meeting was to be a brainstorming session. Prior to the brainstorming activity, Alexander emphasized the need for concrete goals.

The attendees were divided into four groups, each given a giant note pad of paper to write out short-term goals Lasell can strive to achieve for June 2020.

After the groups assembled and generated ideas for short-term goals, the ideas were shared, typed out, and displayed on the projector. Next, people voted on which short term goals should prioritize.

Some short-term goals discussed included discipline specific professional and language specific tutoring at the Academic Achievement Center (ACC), additional support for international students, and small facelifts to rooms and buildings around campus, such as de Witt Hall and Yamawaki Auditorium.

Although the student turnout increased from the previous meeting, there were minimal students in attendance. Town Hall meetings provide an opportunity for students to share their opinions so they can be heard and acknowledged by faculty and staff.

President Alexander sent out and email which said there will be another “brainstorming and prioritization exercise” held on April 8 from 4:00-5:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Arnow Campus Center. He explains that “During this meeting I will ask students to discuss and identify ideas that could help improve the student experience…” The President encourages students to take part in this process and to bring in their peers to participate.

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