Lasell’s Castellano scores golf scholarship

By Adam Hallenback & John McClean – 1851 Staff


Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 4.53.17 PM
Mark Frost (L), the scholarship’s namesake and Anthony Castellano (R), the Laser recipient of the Frost Family scholarship.


Junior Anthony Castellano was awarded the Frost Family scholarship on Feb. 21 by the Francis Ouimet Scholarship fund, which was announced via the fund’s social media pages.

Castellano, a junior communications student with a concentration in television & radio production, was awarded the scholarship because of his skills in journalism. “Although my passion is in television, I love to write for pleasure, as well as helping peers with their stories and work,” Castellano said.

He has since expanded his work in video production by assisting Bentley Athletics with their game films, as well as recording and editing events for the school. “I wanted to learn how to use a camera, know what type of focuses, what type of shots…I wanted to learn it all,” Castellano said. “After the filming, I get to take it back to edit. I love editing, I find a peace in it. It gives me true joy to get to put my own personal spin on the film.”

The Rosendale, Mass. resident is now a seasoned employee at the George Wright golf course. “It was right down the street and it was really how I got into the golf game,” he said. Castellano would spend most of his summers doing a range of duties at the golf course. “Whether it was caddying, filling divots, raking bunkers, I was there,” he said.

Castellano would work at the golf courses from his early childhood until after graduation. Not only did working for the course enhance his skills on the green, but it helped him grow off of it as well. “Watching Tiger and Rory having these games, behind the camera, I am right next to him. The thought of being able to be that close to the action… I got to work with the cameras and be able to create my own view of these games and the action.”

Castellano went to Catholic Memorial, a college preparatory school in West Roxbury, Mass. He mentioned how competitive this school was, but, “it taught me a lot about who I am,” he said.

He continued his success by taking his skills from the workplace and bringing it to the varsity team. After a brief stint in football, Castellano joined the varsity golf team, and helped guide his Knights to two league titles and a championship tournament appearance.

He heard about the Frost scholarship through people at the George Wright golf course. “I knew some great people within the club that helped me along the way, guided me to finding these resources. I am grateful of them,” Castellano said. Looking back on his experience, Castellano credits the scholarship helping him get through student debt. “It’s that day and age where kids our age have to become responsible and have to realize that debt exists, it’s not something we just talk about now. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to do the things I have done here at Lasell,” he said.

According to Director of Scholarships and Donor Systems of the Francis Ouimet Scholarship fund Michelle Edwards: “The Frost Family Scholarship was established by Mark and Lynn Frost. Mr. Frost is the author of ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played…’ and also wrote the screenplay for and co- produced the movie that was released by Disney Studios in 2005. The Frost Family Scholarship is for Ouimet Scholars who are studying art, dance, theatre, lm or related studies”.Edwards continues, “We feel the Endowed Awards are not only a financial help, but an honor to be linked to a Ouimet supporter. Ouimet endowed awards are considered highly prestigious and past winners list them on resumes.”

Former Ouimet fund scholarship winner Daniel Paul Campagna, Professor Marie Franklin’s nephew, had positive things to say about being honored with such an award. “The Ouimet Foundation is an important vehicle to providing the means for hundreds of golf course employees every year to pursue their dreams of achieving a degree in higher education,” Campagna said.

The fund itself has awarded scholars an estimated $36 million in scholarships to ap- proximately 5,900 students with two or more years of golf service (caddies, pro shop operations, etc.) in Massachusetts since the fund was established in 1949.

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