Softball slides into Florida for spring

By Colin Froment & Virginia Bry – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff 

Each year the softball team spends their spring break soaking up the sun in Florida, although there wasn’t much time for a vacation during this years’s trip.

The team flew down on Saturday, March 9 to prepare for an entire week of double-header games against teams from all over the country at the National Training Center in Clermont.

The team lost March 11 against the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg from Pennsylvania 11-7 and Potsdam State University in New York 11-5. On March 12, the Lasers were outmatched by both Marywood University in Pennsylvania 7-5 and North Park Illinois 4-3.

Wednesday’s games ended on a brighter note, with the team triumphing over Fredonia State University from New York 4-2 after being defeated by Gordon College from Mass. earlier that day 5-2.

The Lasers found a real challenge against University of Dubuque on Thursday, March 14, falling to the team from Iowa 7-1. The girls did end up dominating Massachusetts’ Becker College 5-0 later in the day, however. The final two games that Friday, March 15, were also difficult, as Lasell trailed behind both Lakeland University 3-0 and Carroll University 4-0, both from Wisconsin.

Junior first base player and co-captain Victoria Spellman admitted the difficulties playing and practicing on unfamiliar territory. “It’s weird because we practice in the [Athletic Center] here…and the ground balls in the gym tend to hop,” Spellman said. “We only played [three] teams from the Northeast…sometimes we are at a disadvantage because if you end up playing a team from Mississippi… these teams have already played 16 games by the time you get down there. This is our first game.”

Despite this, Spellman assures that the team never gave up against any adversities they experienced. “We kept fighting, even though we were down,” Spellman said. “We kept trying, and even though it didn’t work out in the end, we did well.”

Saturday, March 16 was a day dedicated to teammates being able to visit family members who also flew down or bond with teammates and explore the numerous attractions found in Florida. During certain years, the team has been able to embark on several of their own adventures mini-golfing, going to the beach or even visit Universal Studios Florida. On week- days, in between or after games, the Lasers spent a lot of time bonding with each other over team dinners.

First-year student outfielder Kelsey Scannevin reflected on how comfortable she felt playing in the games and how the few upperclassmen on the team did a great job including underclassmen. “I loved playing with the team and learning to work with them for the first time,” Scannevin said. “[The] upperclassmen took some of the Freshmen under their wings and tried to calm [the freshmen] down during the games.”

“[The team] would cheer on each other, and that’s the most important part,” Spellman said.

The Florida tournament places the Lasers’ overall record at 2-8. Their first official home game was supposed to occur Saturday, March 23 against Rhode Island College, but has been postponed with a make-up yet to be determined. The team is next scheduled to play against Eastern Nazarene College from Quincy, Mass. Friday, March 29.


Photo: Sophomore Hailey Haskins sliding into home base during one of the softball teams’s spring break games at the National Training Center. 

Photo Courtesy of Victoria Spellman 

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