Track takes big strides to break records

By Zach Houle – 1851 Staff 

The Lasell men and women’s track and field teams made a strong showing in the All-Comers Meet at Smith College on Feb. 24 hosted by the Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club.

The star of the event was senior Ben Lane, who beat his personal records for the 55-meter dash (6.86) and the 200-meter (23.58). He also was one of four men that participated in breaking the school record for the sprint medley relay race with a final time of 4:34.53. Mullin said that running the relay was an interesting experience.

“The other guys are sprinters and as such, didn’t have to go far before handing off the baton to each other. Even though I was the anchor, I had to get ready to give it my all right away,” junior Kyle Mullin said.

“I’m really happy about breaking the record in the relay because it’s one of the few times that track is really a team sport. It also gets four people’s names into the record book which can be a lot of fun for athletes who might not always have the chance to set their own personal records,” said Lane in an email.

Mullen ran a 1:07.39 in the 400-meter dash. His time in this race is extremely similar to the 500-meter dash record, 1:07.44. He grinds every workout to stay healthy and keep in shape. “In track, and in running in general, the most important gear is your body and mind,” said Mullen.

Sophomore Ben Biello ran the 55-meter with a time of 7.16 seconds and participated in the 200-meter with a personal best time of 25.12 seconds. He placed sixth in both races. First-year James Falzone rounded out the Lasers with a 7.46 second 55-meter dash.

On the women’s side, first-years Alahna Mild and Grace West, sophomore Amanda Hawkes and senior Jordan Immerman put their names in the school record book for the sprint medley relay race, finishing in 5:25.88.

“The race we were at was so small, so they let us combine the men’s and women’s relay heat,” said Hawkes. “It definitely made me more excited for the outdoor season to end indoor with that relay,” Hawkes said.

Freshmen teammates Ella Contreras and Mild both ran in the 55-meter dash. Contreras ran the best team-time at 8.19 seconds, while Mild followed with a time of 8.23 seconds. Contreras also jumped 4.09 meters in the long-jump event, earning the longest mark for a Lasell jumper in the past two years.

Hawkes also ran in the 3000 meter, in which she ran in 12:53.20 minutes. She was only one minute shy of the record. First-year Emily Hong also contributed by running in the 400 meter with a time of 1:07.65. West’s other event was the mile run in which ran in 6:39.01, while fellow first-year Emma Vierling finished the run in 7:20.69.

This was a successful showcase for the Lasers. The teams were running on all cylinders and had momentum going into the outdoor events. Lasell’s next track meet will be on March 30 at the UMass Darmouth Corsair Classic.


Photo: Senior Ben Lane sprinting down the track during his record-breaking race. 

Photo Courtesy of Ben Lane. 

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