Treat yourself with &pizza and Milk Bar

Mackenzie Dineen, Casey DiBari & Skylar DiamondFeatures Editor, Opinions Editor, & 1851 Staff

&pizza’s Moonstruck flatbread (L) and Milk Bar treats (R) are a perfect end of the semester treat for the hardworking student.

The Cambridge, Mass. restaurants known as &pizza and Milk Bar bring an interesting combination of both savory and sweet to the greater Boston food world. The linked establishments take on pizza and dessert in their own unique ways. The two eateries even share a dining room!

&pizza creates long, oval-shaped flatbreads and offers customized, build- your-own or premade pizzas to order. Some of the premade options that &pizza has to offer are Farmer’s Daughter, Maverick, and American Honey. &pizza also provides vegetarian and vegan options so a wider variety of people are able to enjoy their food. Mouth-watering original beverages like ginger berry lemonade, passion- fruit mango soda and sweet tea with mint await you at the register. For around $11 per pie, &pizza can get a bit expensive un- less you’re apt to bring some of your meal home for the next day.

The experience was very enjoyable. The restaurant had a nice aesthetic to it, with pink and black colors complimenting each other in a striped pattern. The restaurant had a fun vibe to it and it would be a nice place to go out with your friends as a “just finished finals” treat or even to go with your family.

However, because of how messy the food can be there, it might not be the best first date place. Along with that, it can get very noisy there, so you may find yourself yelling to whoever you came with so you can hear one another over the music and the other conversations going around.

Make sure you get there early because it gets busy fairly quickly. If you plan on going with a few people, you may want to avoid prime time hours in order to grab yourself a nice place to sit.

The “Moonstruck” flatbread comes with a mushroom truffle base, heaps of garlic ricotta, mozzarella, mushrooms, grilled onions, goat cheese, and a heavenly g balsamic. The tart cheeses, earthy mushrooms and sweet balsamic tied together beautifully.

The “Gnarlic” came as a white pizza with a garlic ricotta base, mozzarella cheese and is topped with a light drizzling of basil pesto, garlic oil, shredded grilled onions and healthy sprinkling of parmesan. These flavors blended well together as they have similar notes and already sound as if they belong together. If you don’t mind the garlic and onion breath afterward, definitely give it a try.

The “Big Caesar” was a flatbread pizza that came with caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, chick- en, croutons, shredded mozzarella and parmesan, tomato, and bacon. While having a salad as a pizza might raise an eyebrow for some people, the flavor of the salad went well with the crust of the pizza. However, it is a bit messy, so you should make sure to have plenty of napkins around.

Milk Bar is famous for its own ice cream flavor known as “Cereal Milk.” This flavor is the primary one used in desserts, alongside birthday cake and confetti inspired treats. Other big hits at the restaurant include things such as their “Crack Pie,” cookies and cake recipes.

The prices at Milk Bar, much like at &pizza, can be seen as expensive. If you have a birthday or upcoming celebration, you may consider buying a cake or pie which ranges from $40 to $125. The smaller treats are somewhat more reasonable, with the lowest being a bagel bomb around four dollars, and the cookies being a little over $16.

Milk Bar also has gift shop-like items for you to purchase, such as shirts, hats, cookbooks, and boxed versions of their treats. This is a nice little addition to the store, and it could be worth flipping through the cookbooks to get ideas of things to make with friends or family.

The Cereal Milk soft serve, available with crunchy cereal toppings, is an enigmatic flavor which some describe as sweet, others milky, and even salty. The flavor reminds us of lazy weekends curled up with cartoons and a bowl of your favorite cereal.

The Boston Cream Pie “Milkquake” is a tasty and sweet option, especially if you love Boston cream pie. It has Cereal Milk ice cream and contains chocolate and cake pieces in it. It’s a very sweet treat and worth getting the smaller six dollar version, compared to nine dollars. Try to eat it quickly though because it does get thicker and cakey as time progresses.

Meanwhile, the “Chocolate Chocolate Cookie” is a great option for choco-lovers and is the perfect sized dessert to follow a flatbread. The cookie was deliciously rich with a touch of salt, although it lacked the creamy, gooey factor that one would expect from Milk Bar. Other cookie flavors include “Cornflake Marshmallow,” “The Compost” (pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats butterscotch and chocolate chips) and the gluten- free “Perfect 10,” an almond and agave take on the classic chocolate chip.

Milk Bar and &pizza are both located in Harvard Square at 3 Brattle St Cambridge, MA. Milk Bar is open Sunday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. and Friday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. &pizza is open Sunday through Wednesday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

For more information regarding their menus, visit their websites: and


Photos courtesy of Mackenzie Dineen.

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