What happened to “Campus Safety?”

By Nicole Yeager – 1851 Contributor 

The Lasell College Campus Police website states, “The safety of our community rests with all of us…. Problems can be prevented if Campus Police is contacted whenever one detects suspicious behavior or individuals. The best security is prevention”. Up until March 31, I believed that Campus Police wanted to keep me and my fellow students safe…I was proven wrong.

On that cold and rainy Sunday night, two friends and I brought our cars back to Riverside, where we are expected to park with the parking passes we pay for. When we arrived at 7:30 we called Campus Police and kindly asked if they could come pick us up and bring us to our dorm due to the conditions outside and the overall fear a woman feels when walking outside alone at night.

The officer we spoke to informed us that the “service” of being picked up by an officer has now been discontinued and we need to make other arrangements to get back to campus. The shuttle had no longer been running at that hour leaving us with the only option to walk back in the dark and the rain.

Luckily, a friend of ours who is able to park on campus came to pick us up, but if it weren’t for her, what could’ve happened to us that night? “The best security is prevention”, when I read that my blood boiled. We didn’t want to chance our safety that night and Campus Police failed us and their own policy.

Later in the week as I walked back to Rockwell, which is a 23-minute walk from Riverside according to Google maps, I passed a Campus Police officer with a student in his passenger seat in broad daylight. I then wondered why he was given a ride around campus but my friends and I were left feeling unsafe a half mile away from our dorm.

I can only hope that in the wake of Campus Police lousy decision to disband a crucial service, no one gets harmed in the process.

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  2. The campus police are running around with guns and should be a security department like many other colleges have. They are making huge amounts of cash for a small college with no crime and when asked to help students they feel they are too important. Nobody even knows who the chief is yet he makes close to 100,000 of student paid money. Hire security guards who want to help us! Not rent-a-cops. Thank you for writing what we are all thinking!

    1. Interesting. You think security guards would want to help students out more..? And I’m guessing they won’t have as much training for emergency situations… I believe the cops at Lasell are fully trained police officers who are required to attend full time police academies. They probably have certain qualifications that they need to meet every year. My run-ins over the years with campus police was mostly always positive.

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