10 things to do when temps rise above 40

We’ve been waiting months for the warm weather to arrive – and so have you! Follow this listicle for 10 things to do when the sun comes out and it’s t-shirt weather…finally. 

By Hannah Akerly – 1851 Staff 

Relax outside – Get your daily dose of Vitamin D! Grab a blanket and a couple friends and lay out under the sun.

Take a walk – De-stress and clear your mind with a walk! Take in the fresh air and enjoy your day.

Drive with the windows down – Put on your favorite Jonas Brothers song, turn up the volume and roll the windows down. It’s like a private karaoke session for you and your friends!

Farmers markets – What’s better than fresh fruit in the spring and summer? It’s healthy, affordable and gets you outside in the sunshine.

Sporting events – Cheer on your local or professional team and don’t be afraid to get decked out in gear! Team spirit is a must.

Attend a music festival – Whip out the glitter and dance your heart out. Make memories with friends that will last a lifetime.

Hike a new trail – Lace up your running shoes and go on a new adventure! Find a local trail and see what beautiful sights you stumble upon. It’s always rewarding to travel off the beaten path.

Picnic at your local park – Grab the fruits and veggies you purchased at the farmers market and enjoy a day surrounded by nature and possibly dogs – lots and lots of dogs.

Enjoy an iced coffee – A New Englander’s Dream! You can finally drink an iced coffee without being judged because of the weather.

Start a Garden – A relaxing choice for many. Get your hands dirty and plant something beautiful that you can enjoy for months to come.


Photo courtesy of Google Images 

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