EDITOR’S CORNER: Tying together the trio

By Megan Palumbo – Co-Editor-in-Chief

I’ve loved putting my heart and soul into The 1851 Chronicle for the past four years at Lasell. As I apply for jobs, I have plenty of writing examples thanks to this newspaper. However, I wish I had more video content or maybe a radio show to write scripts for since being a journalist today is to be a jack of all trades.

Many communication students are heavily involved in their programs, including three standout extracurricular groups: WLAS Radio, Lasell College Television Club (LCTV) and The 1851 Chronicle. Each organization has proven its success individually; The 1851 Chronicle won Organization of the Year in 2016, WLAS just took home 11 trophies at the annual Intercollegiate Broadcast System Conference and LCTV gained a brand-new TV studio underneath the library, where they’ve been producing a weekly broadcast show.

What if there was a way to merge the three into the ultimate media convergence? I propose to you, 1851 Media.

According to sophomore Adam Hallenbeck, who initially came up with this idea, 1851 Media would be a platform for all three clubs to share ideas, giving students more creative freedom and ultimately create cohesive news coverage on Lasell happenings. Real-world brands and publications strive for media convergence, which is the merging of different media channels. If Lasell students graduated with the knowledge and experience of combining print, TV and radio they would be indispensable and more attractive to prospective employers.

Of course, the idea to implement 1851 Media will take time and careful planning. All three club leaders have gotten together to brainstorm how to approach this initiative. We were thinking of having a monthly meeting where the 1851 Chronicle, WLAS and LCTV can come together to discuss major topics/events happening on cam-pus and decide how each club wants to cover it.

For example, say we just found out the spring concert headliner is Cousin Stizz. The 1851 Chronicle would write a news story about the announcement or publish a photo gallery of the performance. WLAS would include the announcement in a news headline or record an in-person interview with Cousin Stizz in the studio. LCTV could produce a “student on the street” reaction video featuring the attendees. All of this content would circulate on each club’s platform but would be merged together on a single domain for 1851 Media.

While guring out logistics, it’s important to consider all the pros and cons. The pros include giving students the advantage of multimedia journalism experience, developing portfolio work, promoting club diversity, meeting more people on campus, the work load will be less intense for each club, and Lasell looks more professional in the way they cover news on campus.

However, under cons, it may be difficult to organize and communicate across three club e-boards, it may not be maintained once the creators graduate, not everyone wants to be part of all three clubs, it could hinder the creative process of WLAS free forming shows, and each club has their own location, so it could be hard without a centralized location.

With all of these factors to consider, we will continue the investigation of possible establishment of 1851 Media. We invite people with a variety of skill sets to make this project a success.

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