Posters on the wall: Do they tell it all?

By Ruth Kehinde & Pavel Zlatin – 1851 Staff 

Everyday there is something new going on at Lasell. To market new events posters are hung, emails are sent and yers are distributed. Yet, it does not seem sufficient.

Lasell expects students to pay tremendous attention to all announcements and keep track of the events. However, college students have busy schedules and are unable to put their undivided attention into reading those posters, emails or brief announcements in the events calendar.

SGA does attempt to make it easier. Outside the entrance to the Valentine Dining Hall, there is a seven-day week board calendar, featuring posters on the day in which it will occur. But even though it is on display, that does not necessarily mean it is being looked at. Students who have been at Lasell for years still do not know the board even exists.

At the end of the day it may come down to student’s class year and their interests. Due to first-years being new to college, they want to find out what is going on around campus, whereas, upperclassmen may be preoccupied with internships and focusing on graduation.

What Lasell needs to do is engage and inform students with not just their eyes but also with their ears. Due to college students’ packed schedules, it is important to reach out, approach and discuss the fundamentals of the events. If Lasell encouraged the idea of promoting by passing out fliers instead of hung on walls, it would not only connect students, but also inform them if they engage with a person rather than read it directly from a paper.

Another aspect of the advertising issue is while resident students typically have more awareness of all the campus events, keeping track of it may be incredibly hard for the commuters. Many residents nd out about various events through their friends, while commuters often have to sh for the information. Coordinator of Off-Campus Living and Commuter Student Services Thomas Morgan does a great job letting commuter students know about different events by sending individual announcements and newsletters. However, what Lasell needs is a more centralized and interactive form of announcements, such as daily broadcasts and event overviews.

To be fair, Lasell has great platforms that allow different of ces and organizations to spread the word about the upcoming events. However, many offices are not aware of these opportunities. As the advertising sales manager for The Chronicle, I (Pavel) faced this challenge while reaching out to various on-campus organizations regarding any events they might be having.

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