Swooli & Stizz steal the show

By John Maclean – 1851 Staff 

Lasell held its annual spring concert in de Witt Hall on April 5. The opening acts included performances by alum Swooli followed by DJ Almand, and Boston native rapper Cousin Stizz. This year’s concert was a smashing success in every possible way.

The students showed up in groups to see the wonderful performances. The overall energy of the show was infectious to all who attended.

There are not many activities at Lasell that get the attention of the student body. Therefore, attendance for such activities can be low. With this concert, however, the students came out in full force. It’s always great to see students get out of their dorms and participate in events the student organizations put on.

According to the Assistant Director of Student Activities Sarah Richardson, the total attendance for the 2019 spring concert was a record of 500 people, compared to last year’s, which only admitted an estimated 50 attendees.

The high attendance could be a result of the high quality entertainment that the concert provided. This year’s show included the hip- hop and rap genre with a splash of electronic dance music. I believe that type of music peaks the students’ interests. Last year’s act was The Score, which was a rock band. If the number of students who attended the event is any indication of whether or not the concert is successful, then the hip-hop and rap genre was the right music choice for the event.

During each performance, you could see the crowd was lively and full of positive energy. Everyone in attendance was having a great time singing along and bouncing to the beat.

The concert stage itself was equally brilliant and brought the crowd to life with its
flashing and colorful lights. They engaged the crowd and fully immersed them in a true concert vibe, as if they were at the House of Blues in Boston. If I could change one thing, I would change the order in which the artists performed due to fluctuating styles in music.

Overall, the concert was a fantastic time and one that will be remembered for years to come. As a student who attended this event, I was thoroughly pleased with the performances and the overall experience. I am very proud of this year’s concert and cannot wait to see what future concerts have in store.

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