Connecting culture & careers

By Skylar Diamond – 1851 Staff

Spring semester is nearly over, and it’s either a one-way ticket to relief or an all access pass to more stress. Seniors, specifically, have to start thinking about what is going to happen after they graduate. On April 10, five speakers from various jobs came to Lasell to present different possibilities for students to consider after they graduate.

The panelists Ainsley Wolfe, Sarah Hanegan, Travis Tasto, Amy Whitish-Temple, and Kelsie Stanley all had unique backgrounds in where they traveled and what their current jobs are.

Wolfe is an Account Supervisor for Smithsonian Journeys at Odysseys Unlimited. She studied abroad in Italy and participated in the service- learning trip to Ecuador. Hanegan recently came back from teaching in Vietnam. She studied abroad in China and Switzerland, and participated in the service-learning trip to Tanzania. Tasto is a Reginal Recruiter in Boston for the Peace Corps and he is a former volunteer who taught in China. Stanley is the University and Student Relations Associate for the study abroad company SAI. She studied abroad in Sicily, Florence, Sorrento, and Turkey.

Despite having different fields of expertise, each speaker only spoke positively about what they experienced overseas. All mentioned how being abroad opened their minds to different possibilities and, eventually, future careers. “You want unique experiences on your resume and now it’s even more competitive than back in the day…all of the things I’ve done and all of the opportunities I’ve gotten were thanks to study abroad,” said Whitish-Temple.

Students were not only attentive during the talk, but asked meaningful questions to each of the panelists during the Q&A session. The students mainly wanted to know more about the specifics of certain career paths, like the Peace Corps and study abroad agencies. Each question was given a thoughtful response and lead into the panelists bouncing points off of one another in order to provide a well-rounded answer.

Junior history major and Global Am-bassador Nick Shelley found the event to be helpful, as he is someone who already studied abroad and is now back at Lasell. “I saw the event and it looked interesting because I don’t know what I want to do yet, but I knew people would be talking about what they did and I’d get some ideas,” said Shelley.

Hanegan also shared this sentiment when talking about the school and this event when she said, “When I was here at Lasell, I feel like I got a lot of good information from students who had either been on the study abroad programs or events like this one…I knew I wanted to come share my experiences with everyone.”

Overall, the event and its speakers were able to provide a good amount of information to the students who attended. If students have further questions about the specific people

who spoke at the panel, they are free to reach out to them via LinkedIn. Additionally, students interested in studying abroad and the opportunities it may bring can contact the Office of International Services at Lasell via their email



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