Khalid’s “Free Spirit” flies

By Zach Houle – 1851 Staff

Khalid’s sophomore album “Free Spirit” follows up his extremely successful “American Teen” project in 2017. The 20-year-old experimented musically with his EP “Suncity” in 2018 but now that he is back in album mode, the El Paso, Texas native doesn’t disappoint with his matured and rounded sound. The track list encompasses 17 songs including previous trending singles “Better,” “Talk” and “Saturday Nights.”

This album catches fans up on Khalid’s life in the past two years. The project is an enjoyable experience and a great addition to his music catalog.

There are no throwaway songs in this album. Even though Khalid chose to put three previous singles on “Free Spirit,” the rest of the music held its own. Songs that stood out were “Twenty One,” “My Bad” and “Bluffin.” They have a catchy tone and a smooth rhythm that keeps the song fresh. This album was worth the wait and because he is so talented at only 20-years-old, he will likely continue to be relevant.

Khalid is the type of artist that has a unique sound and he is someone that our generation can relate to. “Free Spirit” enveloped a sense of maturity and freedom in life. The album is a collection that showcases Khalid’s vocal range and his ability to share his relatable experiences with the world. He will continue to dominate the charts and be one of the best artists in America today.

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