Track gives back to BAA

By Casey Dibari & Virgina Bry Opinion Editor & 1851 Staff

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Hawkes
The Lasell track and field team volunteered at the 2019 BAA relay event on April 13. (L to R) in back: Kevin Wallin, Kyle Mullen, Matt Holden, Mark Payton, Ryan Dalaba. In front: Amanda Hawkes, Nikki Ruggiero, Grace West, Emma Murray, Emma Vierling, Coach Michael McGrane.

On April 13, the track and field team arrived at Copley Square to volunteer at the youth relays organized by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA). This was the second year the track team volunteered at this race with the BAA, getting involved after Head Coach Michael McGrane took over the team last year.

McGrane has worked for the youth relays in years past. His connection with the BAA enabled the track team to help give back to the community. “We’ll have about
a dozen of our track and field athletes that will help out with the event with the youth relays,” McGrane said.

“We went to [the] check-in tent and they got us our credentials…and then we hung out until the youth races were going to start happening,” sophomore distance runner Amanda Hawkes said. Hawkes explained that at 11:30 a.m. they helped set up barriers for the races and hung up signs for each team.

Senior distance runner Ryan Dalaba added to what their responsibilities of the day were, saying, “After that, we were each assigned a team or two to watch over just to ensure everyone was safe.”

“I had two teams that I was in charge of,” Hawkes said. “I had the maps in and their check-in information, so when they came, I showed them [to] the course.”

Hawkes said that she was also in charge of keeping the kids excited for their race and calm their nerves. Once the races started, the team got to sit back and watch the relays start.

While McGrane and Dalaba volunteered last year, this was Hawkes’ first time helping out with the event. When asked why he thought volunteering at these events was important, Dalaba explained that with how big the relay is, they need as much help as they can get.


McGrane, Dalaba and Hawkes all agreed that volunteering at these events is a good thing for teams to do, and McGrane and Hawkes say that it’s something she would like to keep doing in the future.

“It was really fun. I’m looking forward to doing it next year,” Hawkes said. “[I’m looking forward to] being a part of the youth races again, because that’s just my favorite thing of running.”

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