Vicente runs for Dennis Simmonds

By Taylor Viles1851 Staff

When the gun sounded to mark the start of the Boston Marathon on rainy Monday morning in Hopkinton, Ma., Associate Professor of Communications Erin Vicente was among the runners.

From drills with her soccer team as a child to competing with the cross country team during her senior year at Queens College in Charlotte, N.C., running has always come naturally to Vicente.

“I’ve always loved running, it gives me a sense of freedom,” said Vicente. “I think a lot…I think [running] helps me release endorphins. It’s a way for me to relax and have peace of mind.”

Once she moved to Boston after graduation, Vicente continued leisurely running 11 miles along the Charles River. After starting a family, she ran on and off, but missed the daily runs that she had tried to work into her schedule.

As she turned 40 this year, Vicente decided to run in the Boston Marathon. She chose Boston because of its prominence and what the marathon means to the city.

With little idea of where to start, someone told her that they heard Lasell had some bibs to run the marathon. “I emailed the Alumni Relations office and they said, ‘Yes, we have one more bib left and it’s yours if you want it,’” Vicente said.

Vicente has been training for months to prepare for her first marathon. When the conditions weren’t safe enough to run outside, she ran 13 to 14 miles on the treadmill instead. She followed a strict five day-a-week running program that also focused on building stamina. Being careful not to get injured in recent months, she has been trying to eat healthy and take extra good care of her body.

Running takes a lot of mental capability and for most people, can be hard to stay motivated. However, she is self-motivated and driven. “Nobody can motivate you as much as yourself. When it comes down to it you have to push yourself,” said Vicente, who preaches the same philosophy in her communication classes.

She was adamant in saying that she is running for former Lasell student DJ Simmonds (‘08) who passed away during a shootout in Watertown in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. “I am running for DJ and he’s not here… I’m running for his mom [and]…for his sister Nicole… she started this fund for DJ. It’s an honor to be given a bib to run such a prestigious marathon,” she said. The Lasell marathon runners team raised money for the Dennis “DJ” Simmonds ‘08 Memorial Scholarship.

Vicente is looking forward to proving to her supporters and herself that she can finish one of the most prestigious marathons in history. She is thankful to her family and friends who have given remarkable support. She also expresses gratitude toward the Lasell faculty who helped close the gap on her fundraising efforts by donating $300 from the faculty fund.

Two of Vicente’s biggest supporters are her aunt and uncle who ran marathons them- selves when they were younger. They told her, “Don’t be scared, be grateful that you’re running it and can do it because a lot of people want to do it and can’t.”

IMG_2049 (1)
Photo courtesy of Erin Vicente
Professor Vicente giving a thumbs up at the finish line.



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