Women’s rugby ruck out at Connecticut College

By Claire Crittendon- 1851 staff

Photo by Claire Crittendon
Women’s Rugby team at Connecticut College to play their first game of the season. (L to R) in back: Hannah Bowerman, Nicole Solano, Brooke O’Connor, Coach Nick Lucido, Abby Loynd and Daphne Murphy. In front: Kenleigh Manseau and Brianna VanDeusen.


On Saturday, April 13, the women’s rugby team faced off against the Connecticut College Camels in a seven’s match in New London, Conn.

While a seven’s team is made up of seven players, Lasell’s team only had four. As a solution, three players from Connecticut College played alongside the Lasers. Though the team lost with the final score being 5-19, their unity shone through with great strength.

“Today’s game was about coming together as a team and also a conference because we played with girls who enjoy rugby just like us,” said junior Kenleigh Manseau. “Honestly [we] just had the time of our lives no matter what the score was. We just wanted to play the game we have come to love.” Manseau is the team’s secretary and assists in planning games and scrim- mages as well as practices.

True to what Manseau stated, the team’s love of the sport was evident that weekend. Junior Hannah Bower- man made an excellent try midway through the game, earning five points for the Lasers, making her teammates and coach proud.

“Our coach is Nick Lucido, he was a graduate here at Lasell, and he’s amazing,” said sophomore Brianna VanDeusen. “He always has new drills for us to do as we learn and grow.”

With Lucido’s guidance, the team has become a welcoming environment where new and experienced players alike can thrive and grow with training. “A lot of people look at rugby as this dangerous sport [where] you can get hurt, but you don’t… we show you how to be safe and we’d love for people to come check it out,” said VanDeusen.

The team’s last games of the season are on April 27 at a tournament at Williams College in Williamstown, Ma.

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