Lasell U Belong Celebration- Photo Gallery

On September 10, the Lasell Community gathered to celebrate the new status of Lasell University. The celebration included inflatable games, food and new swag for everyone from the youngest members of the community, students and even Lasell Village residents! The afternoon and evening hours were filled with great weather, fun and laughter to begin the new academic year.

A highlight of the block party were the giant inflatables!

Connor Johnson, (top) attacks Adam Hallenbeck,(bottom) with his inflatable suit for a final blow.
Ashaad Tillman, junior, pours himself a refreshing drink at the Lasell U- Belong Celebration.
The kids of Newton got in on the fun by jumping around in the inflatable bounce houses!
Lasell Students, Felinda Aubry, Koinonia Howard and Ana Nixon catch up after cupcakes.
Professor Michelle Niestepski holds her nephew, future laser, Oliver Michaels.
Lasell Students, Becca Lee, Brittany Nadeau, Nicole Scali and Sarena Widtfeldt.
Professor Neil Hatem (left), student Yordan Villalon and Professor Sarabeth Golden enjoy pork nachos.
Peter Feig and Michelle Avlieo of Chartwells prepare liquid nitrogen ice cream.
Everything at Lasell is intergenerational! Lasell Village Residents, (left to right) Carolyn Slack, Peter Stringham, Caroline Schastny and Jean Stringham enjoyed the celebration.
Students, (left to right) Jasmine Williams, Mackenzie Marin and Ana Seiler take a break from the hot September weather with ice cream and popsicles.
After the summer, Lasell Students are eager to catch up with friends and classmates. (Left to right) Holly Feola, Liv Pittsley Fernandes and Cameron Pensack.
Even desert is, “forever forward!” Chartwells prepared orange creamsicle liquid nitrogen ice cream dots!
Chartwells prepared “street corn,” grilled corn on the cob with sauces and seasoning, ready to eat on the go.
Cupcakes ready to be decorated!
Look out for new Lasell University phone wallets on the backs of everyone’s cell phones!
Students were eager to rep new Lasell University swag including stickers and pens.

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