Members of the LGBT Community and Allies Gather for Drag Night

By Olivia Fernandes – 1851 Contributor 


Destiny performs at the Arnow Campus Center for Lasell University’s Drag Night. Photos by Olivia Fernandes.

Members of both the LGBT and ally community gathered in the Arnow Campus Center on Tuesday, September 24, to attend the second ever Lasell University Drag Night event, starring two-time performer Destiny, and Dylan, of Pride Club.

Students had begun to line up early behind the rainbow-tinseled table, as they waited for their entrance and, additionally, a free raffle ticket for a $25 Amazon gift card to be announced at the end of the night.

While seated, attendees chattered and checked their phones, saving battery for the event that surely would go down in Snapchat history– at least for the next 24 hours.

Cheers filled the room as Destiny took the stage to “Sorry” by Beyonce. She moved across the stage to a comfort that comes with such skilled performance. Noise came from every corner of the packed room, to even the students seated on the floor. This was continuous throughout the night.

After Destiny, came Dylan, who performed with practiced ease and confidence. He kept his footing in high heels and even a faulty wig did not stop his success as a performer. The crowd yelled to his high kicks and drops, showing the fluidity in his movement as an artist.

Throughout the night, drinks were handed out by Pride Club in honor of the two star performers: The Destiny, aptly described in honor of her, “sweet, sour, and just a little bit sparkly,” personality. The blue raspberry flavored drink came with sprinkled edible glitter. Meanwhile, The Dylan was “a cosmic carnival creation fit for any celebration.” This was true to his malleable performances when he joined Destiny on stage for “Don’t Call Me Angel” by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey.

After the event, Pride Club President, AnnaMarie Seiler, and performer Destiny took time to leave a quote for the paper.

When asked her opinion on what the event means to her as the President of Pride Club and co-host of the event, AnnaMarie said, “I think it means growth. I think it means that Pride as a whole is expanding… It’s so liberating, it’s so reassuring to know that people on campus who don’t identify LGBTQ, who are allies, who are questioning, that they are willing to come out to our events now… I think it’s all because of shows like this, getting the community together in big groups and showing each other that everybody cares.”

Destiny, who had welcomed us with open arms and clapping hands, said, “Celebrating diversity… acceptance, love, community, accepting us.”

Regardless of the reason for attending, the Pride Club, members of the LGBT community, and the performers note the communal efforts of Lasell University to recognize diversity, acceptance, and love.

It is to be expected that the next Drag Night event in April will receive just as much, if not more, anticipation and attendance.


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