Coach’s Corner: Billy Uberti

By Kaie Quigley 1851 Staff

Photo courtesy of Billy Uberti
Billy Uberti (‘14) returns to the Lasers a seasoned coach, as he anchored first base for the team.

A new yet familiar face is heading the baseball program for the 2019-2020 season— Lasell University alum Billy Uberti. Younger than most of his counterparts by a large margin, Uberti is only 28-years-old as he steps into his first head coaching role.

Growing up in Newton, attending Newton North High School, and playing four years of baseball for the Lasers, it is safe to say Uberti bleeds navy and laser blue. “When the opportunity came up for me it was a no brainer,” said the new head coach.

After completing a year of professional baseball in Australia, Uberti built his profile by assistant coaching at different institutions. He began here at his alma mater, learning from former coach Greg Harjula. He then moved to a position at Suffolk University where he worked alongside head coach Anthony Del Prete, helping them win their fourth consecutive GNAC title.

“I sat in his office and picked hisbrain pretty much all day,” said Uberti when talking about his relationship with Del Prete, “a big learning experience for me.” Uberti also coached on the semi-professional Martha’s Vineyard Futures team, assisting them to win a title in 2018.

After completing his master’s degree, Uberti was picked up by East Georgia State’s program to assist under coach Dusty Hess last spring. This junior college program gave Uberti a unique perspective on coaching different types of players. “They are trying to develop themselves either academically, socially, or on the field. I’d say all three.” Thankful for the experience he’s gained, Uberti added, “if I didn’t move on to other schools… I don’t know if I’d be as ready for this job as I am now.”

Along with an impressive resume, this new coach also brings a passionate mindset he hopes to instill in his players. Uberti uses the motto “push the rock” to inspire his team. The term derives from the story of Sisyphus in Greek Mythology, who was sentenced to endlessly push a rock up a hill.

“If we push that rock up a little bit more up the mountain every single day, we believe that eventually, we’ll get to the top of the mountain. And even if we do get to the top of the mountain and win a GNAC, we’re going to push it back down because it’s not about the goal, it’s about loving the process.” He concluded by saying, “my guys need to know it’s about them, not about me. I care deeply about them being as successful as possible.”

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