Drama Club to present, “The Children of Eden” in November

By Ruth Kehinde – Digital Editor

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 9.21.28 PM
Photo by Ruth Kehinde. Lasell students sit awaiting the essential information they need for the fall show, “Children of Eden.”

On Sept. 17, the Drama Club held an information meeting in Yamawaki Auditorium for upcoming actors and crew members to receive details on John Caird’s, “The Children of Eden.”

“The Children of Eden” is based on the chapters and stories of The Bible. These stories include, “Adam and Eve” and “Noah and the Ark.” But, instead of the Almighty being referred to as ‘God,’ ‘God’ is instead called, ‘Father.’ This play allows the cast and audience to have an open mind.

“Although these stories are coming from a biblical aspect, we’re not promoting anything biblical…we’re really just showing the family aspect to it, ” Director Jamie Nicole Imperato said.

Working alongside Imperato in “Children of Eden” is Assistant Director and Fight Choreographer Bobby Imperato, Music Director Jack McShane, Stage Manager Amanda Raponi, and Dramaturger Sean Perry.

Imperato developed a unique approach as the new director. “I have a different style when it comes to acting,” Jamie says. She wants everything to be complete by the end of October. “I want the cast to have more of a professional experience…I want to take things up a speed level, which I’m super excited about because it challenges us… we’ve never done that before,” Jamie Imperato said. She emphasizes that they’ve always taken their time but said the sooner the process finishes, the sooner the cast has to develop and relate to their characters.

Sophomore actor Dante Torri said, “I’m really excited, we have a lot of new stuff happening this year and people coming in to help. I think it’s going to be a really good show.”

The opening of “Children of Eden” will be performed at Regis College on Nov. 20 to 22 at 7:30 p.m.

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