Dynamite in Drag, Destiny shines

By Adam Hallenbeck & Robby Rowe  Sports Editor & 1851 Staff

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 9.34.28 PM
Photo by Anamaria Seiler. Queen Destiny dances with sophomore Elise Stanbury during her performance at Arnow Center.

CAB and PRIDE club partnered to host the second drag show in the Arnow Campus Center to headline well-known drag queen, Destiny Boston. This show followed the first successful Drag Night.

“There was a drag show in April already, so we were already in the mindset that people were going to go crazy for this,” said PRIDE Club President Dylan Alves. The goal of this fall show was to introduce drag to new students and other community members.

Students arrived at the campus center an hour before the show began in order to get a good seat. The Arnow crowd grew in size as the night progressed and people were intrigued. “It was a good opportunity for people who were a little bit nervous about the drag scene to dip their toes in and see how it was,” said PRIDE Club Vice President AnnaMarie Seiler. The event also had a station of nonalcoholic soft drinks and the chance to enter for a $25 Amazon gift card.

The line-up for the show began with a number from Destiny, who came to the stage with the intent to warm up the crowd. They received her warm welcome with a roaring ovation upon her entrance. After her number was a performance by Alves, who commented on the event by saying, “it was a night of drag and diversity, at the end of the day.” Not only did the president host the event, but also stepped on stage for the first time as a queen. “I was happy to be able to show something I love so much,” said Alves.

After Alves’ number, the start of the lip sync battle was announced which involved first year queen CC (Joey Gordon) and first year Abby Langevin. CC lip synced to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” which was choreographed in true Gaga-manner.

While they both had a spectacular showcase, Langevin took home the prize of a gift card from her countless flips and splits during the song “Starships” by Nicki Minaj. “I was a pretty shy human before I came [to Lasell] and I wanted to be more out there. What a more perfect way to do it than this?” said Langevin.

Following the lip sync battle was another performance by Alves who performed once more on the campus center floor. Finally, the night concluded with a performance by Destiny where in the end, CC and Dylan joined to praise her.

The students have been fans of this event ever since its creation. With the amount of Pride awareness on campus, this event in particular gets a lot of positive feedback. Junior Duffy Martin commented on the event, saying that it “shows getting out of your comfort zone can be fun and sexy.”

On Oct. 11 there will be an open mic night hosted by The PRIDE Club for National Coming Out Day, where students can share their coming out stories as well as any other portrayals of art.


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