Knock, knock, knockin’ on Plant Ops’ door

Casey DiBari & Hannah SmithOpinion Editor & 1851 Staff

Students returned to campus, no doubt excited to be with their friends again, start classes and see where they’d be living for the next school year. But for some, that excitement may have deflated when they saw the condition of their housing.

Water damage. Paint damage. Missing closet doors. This is just some things heard or seen when school started up again. Some of the residence halls and houses had various damage, which soured the mood of move-in day for some returning students. While these damages can be brushed off and accepted, it can still ruin the feel of a room.

Although Lasell is small, there are 27 residential halls on campus. This may be a factor in keeping track of past dorm room damages. Repairs for some of these may not be worth fixing right away or could be too expensive.

To ensure this inconvenience doesn’t continue, students should complete their Room Condition Reports (RCRs) prior to move in and move out.

It’s much harder to spot issues during rounds than when you’re living there day-to-day. RCRs are for Plant Operations to receive feedback on each of the residents’ rooms. Although your Resident Assistant (RA) is one contact point with Plant Operations, it is also your responsibility to indicate issues you’re having with the room provided to you while you’re living there.

Keep in mind that although your RA is a great resource, they are a student just like you. While putting in a work order may be annoying, it is something you may have to do. You shouldn’t fully rely on your RA to put in orders for the room that is more or less your responsibility for the year. Since you signed paperwork and are paying to live there, use these resources to your advantage and make sure you’re in the best living environment possible within reason.

However, there is still the question, why weren’t these rooms checked over the summer?How come the older damages haven’t been fixed by now? It’s not fair for a student who just moved into a room to be paying to fix damage they did not cause. A lot of the on-campus houses are old, so they are going to have issues, but shouldn’t our room and board money be going toward these issues? While we are not trying to put the blame on any one department here, we would appreciate some clarification.

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