Movie at the Arnow Courtyard scares “Us”

By Ruth Kehinde – Digital Editor

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 9.48.24 PM
Photo courtesy of IMDB. Scene from Jornan Peele’s 2019 film “Us,” where Adelaine’s son destroys himself by walking into fire.

Students gathered in the Arnow Campus Center Quad on a Saturday night to watch “Us,” hosted by CAB.

The movie is about a woman, Adelaide Wilson, and how her past comes to haunt her. Her past goes back to when she was a little girl, seeing a version of herself in a mirrored room but instead of seeing her true self, she saw the dark part of it, calling itself, “her shadow.” This shadow form has a hold of its own identity, wanting everything that the original Adelaide had. The shadow acts on this by coming to kill both her and her family, only to find out Adelaide’s family too had homicidal doppelgängers as well as everyone else.

Although students were on the edge of their seat, “Us” goes deeper than just being a horror film. This movie’s significance is to show the audience that humans are made up in both the light and dark aspects of themselves in a terrifying, yet humorous way.

“I was so happy to see this movie because it made me think deeper, beyond what I had seen,” junior Emmanuella G Jean-Louis said.

This movie unfolds the true horror of what it means to see a different part of yourself. Students who hadn’t watched the film yet were confused, yet understood the underlying message toward the end.

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