New courses? Of course!

By Avery Stankus & Katie Peters – Editor-in-Chief & Arts Editor

As the fall semester kicks off, Lasell updated their course catalog by adding 16 new and experimental courses. These classes range from 100-level to 400-level courses and are offered to undergraduate students.

From CJ210.A: Neighborhoods & Crime to HON305.B: Global History of Childhood to MATH108X.A: Mathematics of Design, many students can benefit from this new variety. Senior marketing major Alexa Madeiros agrees the variety is, “a nice change of pace from your typical intro courses.”

Some of these courses focus on the social sciences, such as SOC223X.A: Social Movements and PSYC231X.A: Stress & Trauma while others focus more on physical sciences and mathematics, such as BIO2019.A: Cell & Molecular Biology, BIO310.A: Genetics, and MATH108X.A: Mathematics of Design.

Madeiros decided to take HON305.D: Green Business, to learn how it could relate to her desired industry in marketing. “This is more of a discussion-based class which sometimes in business classes there is lack of. There can be discussions at times in business classes, but it’s mainly a lot of lectures. It’s nice to translate what I’ve learned from those foundational classes into something I can actually conceptualize in the future,” she said.

Senior fashion merchandising major Alexa Hoffman is currently enrolled in FASH409X: Studio 1851 Pop Up. While she wasn’t able to provide many details of their current secret project, it is safe to say this connected learning approach is preparing the students well for their future. “It gives me great hands-on experience of what I hope to do in my future. This class shows all of the different aspects that go into this process,” said Hoffman.

Two new intergenerational courses are being offered this semester. BIO113X.AKP: The Dinosaurs, is a science Knowledge Perspective course that teaches the, “evolutionary ecology and behavioral biology of dinosaurs.” Students in this class are required to go on two field trips. The second inter-generational course, CJ210.A: Neighborhoods & Crime, focuses on the relationship between crime and topics such as street networks, lighting and environmental design.

Education majors can also benefit from the two added education classes: ED222X.A: Behavior, Culture and Learning Equity and ED224X.A: Individualized Teaching and Mentoring. Taught by Dr. Claudia Rinaldi, ED224X.A will help students develop, “instructional strategies that support mentoring and self-advocacy in Pre-K- 16-year-old students.” ED222X.A teaches students ways to meet the needs of all students in the context of socio-economic learning differences.

There is also a new opportunity for students to take a course that requires international travel. IDS306X.A: Global Engagement Through Sport, Health and Fitness is designed to help students understand the global impacts of health and fitness and to immerse them in a “problem-based learning environment.” Students enrolled in this course will travel to Northern Ireland in late November to apply their learning in a real-world context.


Be sure to check the Registration and Course Information link on for the full description of offerings and prerequisites.




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