Editor’s corner: New “U,” new me

By Avery StakusEditor-in-Chief


No matter how hard we try, we can only push away change for so long. It’s inevitable. As I begin the end of my college years and prepare to enter the “real world,” I look back at the changes I have endured during school as well as the changes that have occurred within our community.

During the time I was going through my own changes, Lasell was as well. I began my freshman year majoring in fashion communications as the same time the Science and Technology Center was just a blueprint and the area remained vacant. As Lasell’s departments transformed into schools, I was changing my address and moving out of my childhood home. The newest change of all, Lasell became a university all the while I began my role as editor-in-chief and my second year as a journalism major. Good or bad, change can be hard to grasp.

One of the better changes I have encountered has been my new position with The 1851 Chronicle. I recall walking into my first meeting sophomore year, shy, not knowing anyone or what to expect. Fast forward to senior year, I confidently walk into the weekly meetings, prepared to run them. Going from a staff writer to the editor-in-chief has taught me to embrace change with open arms. Sure it’s just the beginning, but I’m learning to accept the unknown. Situations like this remind me change is a good thing.

I may be a different major than what I started as, I may call a new place home, I may not be the same person I started college as, but this all proves a change of pace can be good. The more we remain constant, the less we grow.

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