Newbury transfers welcomed by community

By Claire Crittendon and Katie Peters– Features Editor & Katie Peters

Lasell has seen many new people around campus this semester, some are students and faculty that used to call Newbury College home. Last December, Newbury’s president announced to the community that the class of 2019 would be the last graduating class from the college, forcing students to find education elsewhere.

Newbury’s former and Lasell’s current Director of Admissions, Yavuz Kerimet, was interviewed by The 1851 Chronicle in Feb. 2019 right after Newbury announced they would be closing their doors. He expected many Newbury students would explore Lasell because of the overlapping degree options and similar size.

Kerimet says one of the reasons he ended up at Lasell was because the school has “made really great choices. The types of investments they’ve made in the facilities and buildings… there’s been surpluses in our budget for 24 years in a row [and] endowment is really healthy.”

As some smaller colleges shut their doors, students are faced with the struggle of finding a new school to call home. Many of them are finding home at Lasell.

According to Kerimet, 74 former Newbury students, now attend classes just nine miles from Newbury’s old campus. A transfer orientation session this past summer specifically for former Newbury students to get a taste of what life at Lasell is like.

A notable Newbury transfer is junior Cameron Pensak. Despite only being enrolled for a month, Pensak is already a peer mentor and a peer advisor. “I didn’t figure that I’d be considered for anything like this going into my first year at a new school,” said Pensak, who was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to get involved on campus.

Alongside Pensak is senior Mallory Stefan who is interning with both t-stop pictures, a multimedia business in Somerville and with the Alzheimer’s Association. She was unable to transfer both her Business and Psychology minors due to the different requirements between the two schools, but she’s enjoying Lasell nonetheless. “It’s definitely a different vibe,” said Stefan, “I really do like Lasell, my classes are a lot more challenging, I’m actually learning a lot more than I did at Newbury.”

Pensak also spoke to the friendly culture of the university. “It’s such a different culture with [everyone] walking around… here. Everyone smiles at you and waves and I’m just standing there going, “‘do I know this person? Do I not know this person?’” His only critique was the separate orientation, saying, “it would have been nice if there was more interaction between [the two transfer orientations] in order for us to meet not only Newbury students, but of course, welcome weekend was really helpful with that.”

Among her classes, Stefan has particularly enjoyed Dr. Vicente and Dr. Anderson’s joint Media Literacy course this semester. When asked to look back on her courses at Newbury, she said, “it’s a way different level of intensity, just the amount of [work at Lasell.]”



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