Star seniors take connected learning off-campus

By Taylor Viles– 1851 Staff

While many students spent their summers relaxing from their studies, traveling with family or catching up on sleep, some rising seniors spent it working hard to get a leg up in their future career.

Seniors Chloe Boyce and Julia Austin are two of many students who spent their summers interning at different organizations. Lasell preaches connected learning and one of the best ways to enact that is through enticing internships.

Boyce, a fashion merchandising major, plans to graduate early in December. This summer she worked at the Converse Headquarters in the West End of Boston. Her role was Assistant Product Line Manager, which translates to helping with material design and learning how to fit shoes. She explained her department’s main job was to listen to the needs of one of their accounts and then create a mood board of ideas on how to fill that need. The account would then choose one of their ideas and bring it to a designer.

“Connections are everything,” she says. She procured the job because she utilized her connections. During a fashion course last fall, she met a Lasell alum who worked at Converse for a short time. Through the alum, the class was able to visit the Converse Headquarters where Boyce immediately began networking for a possible internship. She was eventually put in touch with the woman who ran the internship program.

“I emailed her with my application and my resume,” said Boyce. “It was kind of crazy, she got back to me in like a half an hour.” Boyce found out she was chosen a few months later. She also discovered only 32 people were accepted out of the 4,000 who applied.
Boyce began her intern- ship this past June, work- ing five days a week. “I didn’t have to work that much, I just worked extra,” she said. “Working hard definitely makes a difference.” Because of her hard work, she was guaranteed a job as a Product Line Manager in June after she receives her diploma from Lasell.

Boyce wants students to be able to have an experience like hers that not only made her summer fulfilling, but also gave her tremendous insight about her career. “An internship is your time to explore and see what you might be interested in,” said Boyce. She recommends keeping your mind open and applying for everything that even slightly interests you.

To add to interesting internships, not many can top what senior fashion communication major Julia Austin experienced.

Austin began the summer thinking she was going to be intern- ing with 10 Magazine in London along with well-known stylist Harry Lambert. But, improper documentation altered the opportunity and after a short while in Europe, she was forced to turn back around and figure out something else.

Austin got back to the States and had to suddenly scramble to find a new internship. She found Covet and Lou in Needham. Her role consisted of writing blog posts and press releases while also understanding the fundamentals of running a business.

In July, Austin received an email from Lambert, who she’d previously worked with
during her time studying abroad in London. Lambert asked Austin if she wanted to help out with a shoot in New York City. Eager for any opportunity, her answer was, yes. Lambert then disclosed this shoot was unlike any Austin had assisted with, “looks like it’s all set…We’ll meet in a couple of days with Harry Styles.”

“I was so excited,” said Austin. The shoot took place over three days for Rolling Stone’s September 2019 issue. She said her job during the whole process was to assist wherever needed. The whole experience was a dream come true for her. “I got a lot of hands-on experience with a lot of high fashion brands,” said Austin.

Her advice is to, “put yourself out there even if you think nothing will come out of it…I almost didn’t and if I hadn’t, none of this would have ever happened.” She explained that if her internship in London had worked out, she would not have been able to assist the Rolling Stone shoot. “Everything happens for a reason,” she said.


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