Getting Familiar With My New Life

By Cierra Lacaillade1851 Contributor 

Cierra Lacaillade senior portrait. Photo by Natascha Dacres

The first time I stepped foot onto the Lasell campus was when I toured. It was in February and I remember how cold it was outside and being from Vermont, I know cold. Every time I walked into a building from the outside, it was so warm. I remember the soft yellow lights coming through the windows and I immediately felt the cozy, homelike vibe of Lasell.

My tour guide talked about how she had an internship with Converse and she had her own display right on campus at Lasell! I thought that was really cool and could only imagine what other possibilities Lasell could have to offer! I’m majoring in psychology but since I was a little girl I talked about how I wanted to be a fashion designer. There are so many diverse styles at Lasell and its interesting to see all of them.

The second time I was on campus was for orientation over the summer! I was so nervous because I hadn’t known anyone currently at Lasell or planning on going. I was nervous but I remember how quick I got over that. I felt welcomed and realized everyone was in the same boat as me! I made some friends and we did everything together at orientation and we are still friends today!

Move in day has been one of the most stressful days. I missed my mom even though she was right in the same room with me. I was on the verge of tears all day because I didn’t want my mom to leave me all alone in a new place I wasn’t familiar with while sleeping in a room with two people I never met before that day. The first couple of days I felt my stomach in a constant knot, I was homesick! I haven’t gotten over this yet, but I have learned to handle it by getting advice through the counseling center and feeling the support from my friends.

Being a small school, Lasell has the advantage to get to know every student on a more personal level than other schools. And it is very evident that Lasell does in fact take advantage of that. My professors are welcoming, they made sure we got to know them and they also made sure students got to know each other as well! They tried to learn everyone’s name, and they succeeded fairly quick. This has helped form relationships with my classmates and professors.

My professors are very rigorous with homework, exams and note-taking in class. However, they’re not just lecturing at you. They do it in a way that is engaging, where you have to discuss things, participate and keep your mind open. All of my classes are interactive which helps me to not daydream or drift off to sleep. It keeps me focused!


The events around campus to get involved, have fun and make friends are endless! Transitioning into college has been one of the hardest things I’ve experienced but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I already feel more mature and responsible in the short time I’ve been here at Lasell.


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