First Year Success Series supports academic strides

By Bailey Klingaman and Madison Raffone1851 Staff

Junior peer Mentor Mandolin Miller (center right) sitting with Professor Baldizar and FYS, The Spark of Creativity. Photo Courtesy of Mandolin Miller.

First Year Success Series are events designed to assist new students as they prepare and transition to the college environment.

According to Kimberly Kaplan, a practicum coordinator and professor, “it’s a great way to get the students used to the University and all the different resources and skills that they’ll need to be successful moving forward.”

Each First Year Seminar (FYS) professor has their own theme for their class, which allows students to explore different topics and themes while professors get to expand the creativity amongst their students. “The overall goal of the First Year Success Series is to help first-year students get more acclimated to campus. There’s a ton of events and classes that anybody can attend to get more involved,” says sophomore Peer Mentor Kelly Mooney.

As a mentor, she works closely with the professor of her FYS class and meets with the students to discuss their transition into college. “The peer mentorship allows students to have someone that has gone through it, [who] knows the campus and different ways to seek help,” Kaplan said.

Lasell offers more than 40 events and workshops during the fall semester. Although, according to first-years Emma Jacklin, Beverly Banks and Cassidy Phillips, many first-year students aren’t aware of the events that are going on around campus. These workshops could get more exposure by circulating emails, flyers and word of mouth from the students.

The Lasell U-Belong Celebration utilized this method of advertising to attract students. Posters were put up, multiple emails were sent out, and there was word of the event all throughout campus. “I’ve gone to [the U-Belong Celebration] but I haven’t gone to any other ones. For my FYS I have to go to three [events] and write about each of them to present in class,” says first-year Samantha Thebodo.

First year seminars are mandatory for new students to help prepare them for their classes. “It’s basically a support for organization and planning,” Thebodo says. There’s dozens of events going on around campus, aside from ones like the U-Belong Celebration. The events allow students to work on their skills for their major, explore the campus and all it has to offer, attend workshops or talks and more.

Many events are coming up soon, such as the Meaningful Work-Undeclared workshop on Oct. 29 and Financial Wellness 101 on Oct. 31.

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