From clubs to careers, Lasers lead as examples

By Emily Long & Claire Crittendon – Digital Editor & Features Editor

One of the many draws Lasell University has for students is the impressive number of student-run clubs and organizations. It is common to see students running from two or more club meetings during Tuesday and Thursday common hours. Ask any student about the clubs they are in and most will passionately tell you about what their role is on campus.

The executive board or “E-board,” is the group of students that run each club. E- Board positions range from President to Secretary and even social media directors. Club leadership spends extra time on making sure everything runs smoothly.

The skills gained by playing a leader- ship role in an organization often translate to careers after Lasell. From leadership experience to professional insight, increasing activity on campus can give students a jump-start in the professional world.

Katelyn Bellina (‘19) graduated with a degree in event management. She now works for Yotel, a company that specializes in micro-hotel space and coordinating events around Boston. Bellina was involved with the Honors Student Council, Hospitality Management Association (HMA), Lasell Environmental Action Force (LEAF), and the Student Coordinator for the Connected Learning Symposium. Her time with HMA helped her learn managerial experience which has helped her in her job today.

“While I was working with HMA… one of the amazing features of what I was able to do as a club leader was manage my group so I was able to give everyone timelines, I was able to help hold people responsible to those timelines and get the experience of being a manager … which helped [me] get the job I have now due to the fact that I was already understanding the manager role to encourage and empower your employees,” said Bellina.

Alex Baletto (‘19) graduated with a degree in law and public affairs. “I was a member of the Mock Trial team for two years. I wish I had known about it earlier. Mock Trial is a club (and class) offered by the [justice studies] department, and it serves as a valuable tool for interested students. A lot of the work I do now requires skills I refined while working with The 1851 [Chronicle,] as I’m a communications consultant,” said Balletto. “Regardless, I strengthened my research and analysis skills while learning from first-rate Justice Studies professors like Professor Rosenthal, who coaches the Mock Trial team.”

Mary Fran Hansen (‘19) graduated with a degree in communication with a concentration in public relations. During her time at Lasell, Hansen was heavily involved with the Student Government Association (SGA), where during her senior year, she was the Vice President of Student Affairs. In this capacity, Hansen led weekly meetings with students, SGA members and the Lasell Administration. This helped her gain confidence that lead to her job with Talbots, where she works in marketing. Specifically, her experience running many of SGA’s meetings every week helped her succeed at Talbots.

“With SGA, I had to run meetings all the time, I pretty much ran two meetings a week alongside the other vice presidents. We’d have our main general board meeting and meeting with my committee every week, and then every other week I’d lead a meeting with Diane Austin which was kind of intimidating but I had to do it,” said Hansen. Her position now is above entry-level and her experience leading meetings helped her gain professional confidence.

“With all of these meetings I really just honed my presentation skills. I learned how to be a good leader and come prepared to the meeting, come with your talking points, keep it brief- I gained a lot of confidence speaking to a room full of people and presenting to them… Super thankful that me e-board positions gave me a sense of professionalism and those skills and being able to get in front of people and talk,” said Hansen, who graduated last May.

Many clubs advertise their meeting times on both Laser Involvement and flyers around campus for any interested students.

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