Lituation energizes campus with culture

By Ruth KehindeDigital Editor

On Oct. 17, Lasell University’s Pulse Dance Team and Multicultural Student Union (MSU) merged together to create an event, “Thirsty Thursday Lituation,” in DeWitt Hall. This campus-wide event was designed to have students and guests come together to enjoy themselves on a Thursday night.

Typically the term “Thirsty Thursday” is associated with college students being under some type of influence in order to have fun. This event was the complete opposite, with music by DJ Shamel, DJ Judah and the company of friends proving to be the only sources of entertainment needed.

“I thought it was cool. I’m a wallflower so I really just chilled with my homies. I saw people enjoying themselves – the party was more wholesome than amorous,” said junior Dubem Okafor.

There was a $3 fee to attend this five-hour event and the attendance was high. The community of this party was intertwined with individuals who wanted to have a good time and those who wanted to find a place to be welcomed.

“It was very successful, it was a big turnout. A lot of people were enjoying themselves and having a great time,” said sophomore Vance Viliere.

Various music genres were played to dance to such as Afrobeat, reggae, islander tunes and bachata. Some artists featured were Bad Bunny and J Balvin. The variety of music made it easier for attendees to enjoy what they were comfortable with. Others enjoyed listening to new content to understand the wide range of culture from those who hosted the event. This event was an opportunity for individuals to learn what MSU and the Pulse Dance Team are really about.

The goal of this event was for students and guests of all backgrounds to come and feel appreciated. MSU wants to have an understanding of moral and cultural differences, while the Pulse Dance Team performs to various music genres that portray coordination and choreography. This merge was an essential factor for students to know they have a place to express themselves the way they want to without feeling discriminated against.

This event not only emphasized the importance of expressing and introducing various cultures, but it also conveyed the company of friends, dance moves and music are all the essentials one needs to have a good time.

“This event gave me an open-mind on how I can have fun while also hearing new music I’ve never really allowed myself to indulge in. I was also able to move my body in a way I’ve never done before. Overall, it truly was a lituation because I had fun. I honestly believe that’s all that matters when you come to an event like this,” said a student who wishes to remain anonymous. This student also believes, “if everyone on campus would give learning about other student’s habits and values a chance, maybe more students of other backgrounds can come and embrace each other’s differences.”

The general mission of this event was for students to learn about and join both clubs. It was a successfully vibrant way students could enjoy their Thursday night. This event likewise was a way for attendees to relax due to the semester being busier than most.

“This party was an amazing turnout with super contagious energy from beginning to end,” said junior Ashaad Tillman.

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