Nick Colletti “what the F is up,” [Lasell?]

By Adam Hallenbeck, Katie Peters & Elliette BarrowsSports Editor, Arts Editor & 1851 Staff

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 5.25.23 PM
Nick Colletti on stage in Arnow Campus Center performing stand-up comedy.
Photo by Mindy Esposito.

Former Vine star Nick Colletti was welcomed by a massive crowd at Arnow on Oct. 5 for a live comedy show. Held in conjunction with Campus Activities Board (CAB), this event had people lining up hours before Colletti was scheduled to take the stage.

Although the internet comedian has previously thrived in his element of Vine, Colletti recently decided to tour. The show at Lasell was his second stand-up performance, as his first show ever was held on Sept. 15 at Brea Improv in California. “I always wanted to do stand-up. It’s what I used Instagram to get to, it was my stepping stone… I was really afraid, honestly, I am still really afraid. But I decided, what better time than now to do it?” said Colletti.

He began the show promptly and opened to a large roar from the audience. While sharing his life stories, the audience got the chance to hear of his time growing up and his experiences he has of the big city. His favorite joke of the night was one he had written about a strange encounter with his parents. “I like the parents’ joke, walking in on my parents. It’s so real for me…it definitely scarred me, so talking about it and people laughing about it makes it easier to deal with now,” said Colletti.

Colletti finds inspiration from big-time movie stars of his youth for his comedy. “When I saw Jim Carey in “Liar, Liar,” I knew I just had to be a part of his world. I remember watching that movie as a kid and being totally mesmerized by how funny he was and just wanting to be something people could laugh at,” he said.

Junior Sam Foreman, the Vice President of Laugh and Crafts of CAB, was in charge of organizing the event. The planning for this event began in August at a CAB retreat, “we threw out names and asked who they might want to see, and Nick Colletti was the name that came back,” said Foreman. He also said CAB works with Jonathan Bricker, a

talent agent, who reached out to Colletti and offered him the job, which Colletti accepted.

People gathered waiting to be seated earlier than 7:30 p.m., surprising CAB with their early timing and number of people. Rows of chairs were set up as more people arrived, filling the first floor of Arnow with Lasell students and their guests anxious to be seated. As capacity neared maximum, CAB started check- ing student IDs, handing out raffle tickets and seating guests 15 minutes before the doors were scheduled to open.

There was standing-room only for anyone who arrived later than 8 p.m. One audience member compared fitting everyone in the space to playing Tetris with people.

When asked how big a crowd he was expecting, Foreman said, “not as big as it currently was. I got 11 or 12 emails from people who do not go to this school asking if they could come and my answer was no. However, if we have an event like this, you can show up if you know someone who goes to this school. You have to have a Lasell student be your host so you can go.”

To some audience members, Colletti came off a bit awkward at some points in his performance. It was not known to the audience that the Lasell performance was only his second. For having such little stage experience under his belt, Colletti pulled off a successful show with seemingly no hiccups that had the majority of the crowd laughing for an hour straight.

Senior Chloe Boyce attended the show and said, “my favorite part was more toward the beginning, like when he walked in on his parents or him before Vine. The pre-L.A. stuff was probably the funniest.”

Colletti will begin his first official comedy tour on Oct. 28, when he will travel to Des Moines Funny Club in Iowa to kick off the coastal tour.

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