To impeach or not to impeach?

By Madelyn Hedges1851 Staff

On Sept. 24, it was announced there were efforts in place to look into impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump due to the report of controversial interactions between Trump and Ukraine.

Are these allegations enough to impose an impeachment? Hardly. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has yet to call a vote to begin the process. This, to me, is for one reason. There is simply not enough evidence.

Although the democrats will have you believe an impeachment would suddenly make another democrat president, impeachment does not guarantee the removal from office.

It seems to me, democrats are simply grasping at straws, thinking if they can’t beat Donald Trump in the polls, they will try to impeach him, when in fact no crime has been committed.

However, it makes sense why. Donald Trump is one of the most controversial

and disliked presidents to ever hold office. Most democrats believe the majority of Trump’s policies have failed or are un- realistic and have no beneficial outcomes. They see Trump as untruthful and feel it is time for someone else to take his place and have Trump be held accountable.

If President Trump is impeached and removed from office, Vice President Mike Pence would take over his position. Many democrats wish to get rid of both Trump and Pence in the hopes that Pelosi will somehow take over. I find this incredibly unrealistic.

Considering the Republican Party out numbers the democrats and controls the Senate, I see it as unlikely the president will be impeached and removed from office due to the resistance the process would face. It would take a significant number of Republican senators to vote with the Democrats in order to convict Trump.

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