It was College she feared, but she conquered

By Makenna French – 1851 Contributor 

Makenna French in her hometown enjoying the fall scenery.

I’ve always been known as a homebody. Not in the way of being at my physical home all the time but being in my town, with my friends and my family whom I value most in the world. Going away to college was bittersweet for everyone I knew. For me personally, it was full of anxiety. I would watch you tube videos of other kids moving in to see my situation before it would happen, and it would make my heart race and my mind spin.

As move in day came closer, I was excited to be starting a new journey but anxious to be leaving one I had not felt I had conquered yet. Leaving my dog who I had never lived without seemed to not get any easier. The hardest part was to leave my Mom. Even after a few months it hasn’t seemed to get easier, I constantly find myself texting her or calling her. Every time I do leave home to come back to Lasell because of the sense of attachment I have to everyone there it is hard to switch back to the college life. 

Coming here in September, I was an anxious mess and if I’m being completely honest, I am still an anxious mess. But as soon as I walked onto campus every single person, I had an encounter with was welcoming and pleasant. Still not confident that I made the correct decision I stepped right in. Missing my friends back home is one of my biggest challenges but seeing them on the weekends makes it a little easier to keep that bond. The friends that I made at Lasell also make the transition better so thank you to them for seeing me for who I am and not running the other way.

Lasell has already made an impact on me only a little over a month in, I find myself more becoming independent, cooking my own meals, doing my own laundry (most of the time), and even buying my own groceries. It may be the hardest adjustment I have made, but it’s made me realize who is in my life back home and who is going to be in my life forever. I know this change is going to take time, but I am learning to love where I am right now and that is progress to me.

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