Old Faces become New Faces

By Zack Urbanowski1851 Contributor 

Costa Rica trip with a view

On the first day of classes, Sept. 9, I had two classes, Contemporary Sport Management and Writing Workshop. I was so nervous but so excited to meet new people, make friends, and expand my learning abilities. My other classes that I currently take are MATH106, BUSS101, FYS, and AAC. I didn’t know how this day will go but by the end of my first day, I came to know that I loved college and it’s going to be a great time here.

Driving down Route nine for the first day of classes, all I hear is horns out my window. I have a 10 a.m. class and all I can think of is, please don’t be late for class. I know I left early enough but just the anxiety of being late on the first day is like wow, what a way to make a first impression count. Within the first day, I would say I saw some familiar faces and people I have never met before.

By the time the second or third week came along, I knew that this was going to be an amazing time at Lasell. At Lasell, it’s a new environment, there’s food that tastes good, new friends, and much more. I went to the dining hall for the first time and the food tasted like heaven– it was so good. Weeks went on when I came to find out that there was game night every Wednesday night and I just had to stay and join. I knew from all the activities that were going on that this was basically my second home, even though I’m a commuter. I’ve met so many people on campus that I can also connect with and talk to more often. I am still a bit shy but knowing as the year goes on, I will continue to meet new people. 

It’s now week five in the semester and so far, it has gone so well here. I have loved every minute of it. Lasell was my top choice because of the Sport Management Program and how good Lasell’s internships are with the Boston sports teams. I am apart of the Sport Management Club and Intramural Basketball. The experience so far has been amazing and I am so happy to start my new chapter of my life at Lasell University.

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