Chilly morning, chilling perspectives outside Winslow

By Katie Peters – Arts Editor

On Thursday, Nov. 14, the hill outside of Winslow was covered in small paper flags representing “the relative percentage of survivors at Lasell University” in the context of Intimate Parter Violence. The data from the Association of American Universities annual Campus Climate Survey and the number of Lasell’s undergraduates were used to show how women, men and LGBT+ individuals on campus are affected by this issue according to the survey. This project was completed by Professor Karin Raye’s Title XI Interns and the Men’s Baseball Team.

Outside of Winslow on Thursday, a display of flags representing the percentage of Lasell students who may report Intimate Partner Violence as an undergraduate greeted students as they walked to class.

The statistics for this project came from the Association of American Universities’ Campus Climate Survey that came out Oct. 15, 2019. The survey sampled responses from 108,221 undergraduates.
These flags were put on the lawn by Professor Karin Raye’s Title xi interns and the Men’s Baseball team. The blue flags represent the 14.1 percent of women who will report Intimate Sexual Violence.
The rainbow flags are representative of the 21.5 percent LGBT+ students who will experience and report Intimate Partner Violence, the highest out of the three groups represented here.
Men also experience Intimate Partner Violence, with 10.1 percent of males reporting an incident while in school before receiving their undergraduate degree.
Almost every group is affected by sexual misconduct. Confidential resources on campus are The Counseling Center and Health Services. Other resources include Lasell’s Title XI Team, Campus Police, Residential Life, and many off-campus facilities.

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