Appreciate Everyone

Casey DiBari Opinion Editor

In our lives, we meet a multitude of people. Admittedly, some are going to be amazing; they’ll be your best friends, your teammates, your mentors. On the other hand, they may be someone you feel is too negative-minded, mostly caring for themselves. However, no matter how you view them, everyone in our lives is there to help us grow in one way or another.

The friends I made in high school helped bring me out of my shell. I started my freshman year as a shy kid and was nervous about everything I did. It left me with little to no friends. But that silly, loud girl I was holding back is what my friends that I have now love me for; it’s the girl they helped me learn to love.

It took being a part of my high school’s newspaper to allow me to establish my love
for writing and it’s what made me realize that journalism is what I wanted to do.

Lasell helped that little girl grow into a young woman who, while still loud and silly,
feels much more mature than she was, even at 18. It was my friends here who gave me more confidence to stand up for myself, to not be afraid to speak my mind.  It’s the 1851 Chronicle and the editors who challenge me to improve my writing and editing every month. It’s my professors here who, just through their lessons, have given me an idea of what life after school will be like.

There are people I’ve had to cut myself off from for my own happiness, but even they taught me it is okay to let those people go. Sometimes what they need and what I
need in life don’t go together. That’s okay. We can still fondly look back on times with
people like that.

We meet so many people in our lives, they teach us and help us in so many ways, they’re people we need to be thankful for.

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