Old equipment, new life

By Taylor Viles1851 Staff

From Nov. 16 to Nov. 23, the Sports Management Association (SMA) was collecting sports equipment to donate to multiple locations in Waltham in need of athletic gear.

The equipment drive was intended to “help those who don’t have the money to have their own equipment,” said senior sports management major and SMA President Evan Andrews.

For anyone who doesn’t know, “[SMA] is a great tool [for] network[ing]” said Andrews. They host multiple events throughout the year including panels with professionals. “Last year, when we did these panels, I was able to get myself an internship…with one of the people that I networked with,” said Andrews. He explained how this internship has blossomed into more opportunities.

“We need to get more people to go to the panels,” said SMA Vice President sophomore Raymond Bruno. “[It’s] very valuable to… get experience even if you’re not in that field,” he said.

This equipment drive was a new event for the club. Earlier in the year, the faculty advisor for SMA, Dr. Daniel Sargeant, and Andrews sat down to think about ways to raise money. “At first we were thinking about a book drive,” said Andrews, “but I wanted to do something that’s more sports-related.” Once they decided on the plan, Andrews’ goal was to keep it local to benefit those less fortunate in the area.

Three locations were provided to drop off equipment: the Veterans Memorial Ice Rink in Waltham, City of Waltham Recreation Department and the Glow Lounge in Winslow at Lasell. This was available only on the opening Saturday.

The largest contribution came from Associate Dean of Curricular Integration Dennis Frey. “I donated a ton of lovingly used hockey equipment, from skates and sticks to elbow pads and shin guards,” said Frey. “There were also a few lacrosse items as well.” Frey made his contribution to the Veterans Memorial Ice Rink location. “It felt really good to help Evan kickstart this drive,” he said. “I always jump at the chance to work with [him] because he is the perfect embodiment of how connected learning should work.”

The ice rink was where the bulk of the donations were made as it is a hub for hockey players with hundreds of people walking through every day. Both new and old equipment was accepted as many hockey players have old equipment that is just collecting dust at home. “I think it went well… we got a lot of donations right away,” said Bruno.

The hockey equipment donated will be given to the Veterans Memorial Ice Rink. “During free skate, they’ll let people who don’t have the money to have their own equipment, borrow their equipment,” said Andrews. Anything else they receive that’s not hockey related will be given to the Waltham Boys and Girls Club and to Waltham Parks and Recreation Director Nick Abruzzi.


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