Open house, open doors, open arms, open minds

By Claire CrittendonFeatures Editors 

On Sunday, Nov. 3, faculty, staff and students joined together to host this year’s undergraduate open house. Running from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., this event gave prospective students a glance into our university.

Among the attendees were 232 recorded prospective students, up from 166 in 2018, according to Director of Admission Yavuz Kiremit. The excitement in the Athletic Center prior to President Michael Alexander’s welcoming remarks was palpable.

Registration proved to be a smooth process, credited to the Office of Admissions student ambassadors and faculty alike. Light refreshments, tea, coffee, cider, and more helped bring a welcoming atmosphere over the morning. The athletic center was barely recognizable, heavily made-over to accommodate the event.

One bump in the road was the shuttle services. Due to Lasell’s limited parking, many guests were asked to park at Riverside Station, just under a mile from campus. While shuttles were provided, they did delay the start of the event.

After everyone had arrived and settled, President Alexander addressed the crowd. He thanked everyone for being in attendance, then dove into a deeper explanation of our university and what it offers. He laid a heavy emphasis on our approach to connected learning, and how that translates into both Lasell Works and internship requirements.

Following, attendees broke into groups relative to their prospective majors. In these groups, they had the option to tour different parts of campus and learn more about Lasell’s financial aid and merit scholarships as well as hear about different majors, concentrations and clubs from current students and faculty.

Guests were welcomed back into the transformed athletic center around noon for lunch. There was an abundance of food options, such as mac and cheese and a variety of soups. Tables were set up all across the floor for families to utilize. Around the perimeter, representatives for different clubs were tabling, eager to share their knowledge with students whose shoes they once filled.

Senior Joe Ratta was representing the Sport Management Association. Ratta said, “it was so nice to see so many people interested in the program, and in Lasell in general. Every student has a different path, a different story to how they got to today, and a different goal they have for themselves in the future.”

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