Students bring creative outlet to IC3

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 9.57.28 PM
Dubem Oakfar addressing Glitter’s crowd.



By Madison Raffone – Copy Editor

On Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. in the IC3, Gliter’s energy overtook the space, with students nearly overflowing the room. Similar to an open mic, students were able to come and enjoy or perform anything they’d like on stage. Junior Dubem Okafor started Glitter in his first year at Lasell.

“Glitter is an open mic space where all you need to do is come and do something on the microphone, or if you’re an audience member, you need to be able to give energy and respect to whoever decides to be on the microphone. It’s a very back and forth process that doesn’t work if people aren’t giving each other energy,” said Okafor.

Alongside Okafor is junior Ashaad Tillman, the DJ for the events, Jesse Tauriac of the IC3 and junior Evelyn King, who coordinates sign-ups. Students flock to the IC3 on the last Wednesday of every month when Glitter is put on. They can sign up beforehand or during the performance as well.

Junior Robby Rowe was the featured artist for the night of Oct. 30. and sang a few of his own pieces along with senior Ryan Lysak and junior Adam Hallenbeck. There were all sorts of performances that night, from original songs to playing the saxophone to slam poetry. Glitter had no shortage of creativity and passion.

That night, junior Duffy Martin attended their first Glitter showcase and was a supportive audience member, encouraging their friends on stage. “It was a really supportive community event that allowed a lot of people to showcase their talents and feelings that otherwise you wouldn’t really know about them if you were just in class next to them,” said Martin.

“It’s a conversation,” said Okafor when describing the connection between the audience member and the performer. It’s one of the reasons why Glitter stands out, it requires respect and energy from both sides. The turnout has become more and more exciting as students on campus hear about the event and decide to go.


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